Thursday, 5 October 2017

Tourist at Margate Park Run

Over the weekend I was at By The Sea Festival with a few friends and my girlfriend, we were staying in a lovely Airbnb right near the coast. And since my bug for Park Run has grown over the last year I had to find out if there was one, and thankfully there was! The course was just under a mile jog from our Airbnb, perfect!

Friday night was underway, and I kept it steady. I've participated in a few Park Runs with a mild hangover, in particular Brighton's Hove Promenade Park Run. There was a lot of clammy alcohol sweats at the end of that one....Margate was not to be the same!

The alarm went off at 8am, and I felt fine (thankfully). I jogged down, and as expected I was a little early, the keen beans had already arrived. Of course I was wearing my 26.2 Road Runners Club T-shirt, I had to show my colours. And hoping to make it easier to spark conversation with rest of the group. 

Once it got a little busier, the Run Director walked over pointing at me (what had I done?). As he got nearing he explains "I recognise that top, the best running club in the UK" - Guessing I looked baffled (or looking more hungover than expected). He tells me he's a member of the club! We  chatted about Surbiton and how he used to live round there, but now lives in Margate, and returns to the club for the Grand Prix and other races! The group started to get larger, so his duties began so our chat had to finish. 

The run was lovely, a good stretch right next to the coastline, to really take in the sea air with two loops either end, and a surprising large grassy section. Thankfully, the wind was very low so my pacing kept up. I was fully expecting side-winds to push me around.

I completed the course in 23:38 which is way off my PB, but I didn't care the whole point was to explore a new course and just enjoy it...and now with the added bonus of meeting a club member! I am proud of the time as I kept my pacing around 7:30/mi which has taken me a while to achieve, and approaching the finishing line I felt good and not too exhausted (considering the mild hangover). I remember when I first started Park Run in 2015, at Wimbledon Common. I was consistently pulling in 23-24min times whilst feeling shattered. But this weekend, it was all good. 

My local Park Run is now Kingston, and recently I've been clocking some great PBs. I think that will stay as my base to really work on my technique...everything else is for fun. I of course will be there this weekend for Park Run's 13th Birthday. I was thinking Bushy Park, as I haven't ran it yet, but I bet it will be even more busy with the extra spotlight. 

Happy Park Running. 


Friday, 29 September 2017

26.2 Road Runners Club

I briefly mentioned in my welcome post to the blog about being part of 26.2 Road Runners Club. Today, I wanted to chat about the club a little more, what we get up to and how it's helped me improve. 
Me and my girlfriend moved to Surbiton in January 2017. Once we got settled I wanted to get back on the roads/parks to really make an extra effort with my running. My dad and a friend had recently joined local running clubs, and they both said their technique and strength had rapidly improved. Therefore I wanted to do the same. Secondly, I thought it would be a great way to make some new friends in the local area.
After a quick Google search I found 26.2RRC, and thought they looked really approachable. Explaining despite the name they're not here to cover Marathons all the time (a big relief). One of the selling points, was the HQ. A 2 minute walk from my flat (no exaggerating) - So now I can never have an excuse!
We meet up every Monday for a social catch up run, covering around 6 miles. It's always a scenic run, which sometimes covers Bushy Park, running alongside the local deer. Wednesday's varies from; Track Sessions, Long Runs, The Club Handicap (which I'll cover in another post) and the dreaded hill sessions (although I'm learning to appreciate).
On top of the weekly meets, we have the Club Grand Prix, which is a lot of fun. Over the year we meet up for 12 runs (I think), and attempt to place in a decent position at the end of the year. So far the runs been great, in particular the Reigate Half Marathon (again I'll cover in a future post).  Last time I checked, my position was around mid-table, but we're 4 races in. So could go either way. 
Everyone is very friendly and approachable. This is what  I needed as a boost, to get out and explore my local area for my solo runs.

It seems their club ethos is to make it a social club first, then runs to follow. Of course there is some serious runners clocking in staggering PB's which I am way off.  

Although my performance has greatly improved, which I have seen through achievements in long distance and Park Runs. 

Who knows what will happen next year? 
MH x

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Welcome to My Running

Welcome to my personal blog about running. My plan is post articles about my personal accounts on runs, in races and perhaps reviews and ideas on stuff associated with running. Like my running experience I don't have a real plan/goal for this blog, so who knows how it will evolve.

A little about me as a runner.

I started running in 2015, with the intention to keep myself fit and active, due to a desk job. It went well, getting out on my own after work and sometimes on the weekends. I of course joined Park Run and got really into competing on a Saturday morning. However was never consistent, until 2017.

After moving to Surbiton in January 2017, I decided to join a local running club and take things a little more seriously. Luckily I discovered, 26.2 Road Runners, with their meet up point being literally 30 seconds walk from my flat. So no excuses!

Since joining my technique and strength has improved dramatically, 2017 has been amazing for my running. I'm still improving, and would consider myself an amateur, but occasionally I surprised myself with PBs and impressive (for me) pacing.

That's all for now, keep checking back for more articles, I have lots of ideas already.

Happy Running,