Saturday, 29 August 2009

Can I have your autograph.

Last night I was relaxing in front the TV watching the Reading Festival coverage with a tear in my eye (It was my first time last year, therefore this year I wanted to go so badly, but had no money at the time the tickets went on sale) My thought started wondering, when I realised I haven't got a definite signature which I stick to whenever I sign for something.
I grab a piece of paper and start scribbling away, but for some reason I couldn't stick to a one standardised signature. (I would show you the piece of paper via a scanned image but my bloody scanner isn't working at this time).

This is quite annoying as I want a nice fancy signature to sign things, but at the moment this is not the case. I can't put the pen to paper and scribble a "cool" signature.

Ah well, I guess sometime I will have an idea.

Sorry if this post was slightly boring and pointless, but I just thought I would type this up. Well thats what this Journal is for...

I am looking forward to Monday. Not only is it a bank holiday, but myself a few friends have planned to spend the late afternoon in a pub in my local town Twickenham. This is the same pub I went to when my mum came up last week. It is a very nice pub, so should result in a nice afternoon to kick back and relax.

I shall let you know how it goes on the Tuesday.

M x

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Tired-ness is kicking in.

I am drawing closer to the end of my first week at Rockfeedback, to say the least it has been so far a fantastic week. In particular lat night was brilliant!
I was asked to be one of the cameramen for one of Rockfeedback's many gigs they put on downstairs under their offices.
Last nights performers was Gold Panda (I think) and Health.
The first band Gold Panda wasn't actually a band, it was a DJ, so there didn't seem much point having 3 cameras on one guy. However I still managed to get some decent wide shots from back of the slowly crowing band. Which soon grew vasty bigger when Health entered to the stage, which were to quote Rockfeedbacks editors favourite word. Awesome!. If you haven't of them before I suggest you check them out, they are from Los Angeles. They took to the stage with a great powerful riffs which was accompanied by they're superb stage presence.
For Health I had a new spot to film from which was inside the DJ both on the side of the stage, so I was able to get some great pick up shots of the drummer, and smaller details of guitarist/bassists tunning up etc.
The last song we didn't film which was great as I was able to fully enjoy the bands set, were I coud also watch whatever I wanted with my own eyes, not through a camera lense.

So yeah, so far my experience with Rockfeedback is going well, and it can only get better over the next 3 weeks!

M x

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sunday Evening update

So I have had another nice week here at my house in Twickenham. Again I haven't been doing any work experience, which means I have plenty of time to chill.

A few things happened during the week. I finished reading my first ever book (I know its ridiculous) I have been reading Peter James' "Denial", It was a very good read, and I would reccomend it to anyone. It was that good when I have time I will certainly be going back to Waterstones and buying another one of his books. I have now started to read "Nineteen Eighty Four" so far it has being a nice read.

One day during the week I was a little bored, I noticed there was a loft on the landing outside my room (the ceilings are rather high so I don't tend to look at the roof much). At the time I thought nothing of it. However the next day I decided to investigate. Upon entering the loft I stumble across a cracking big room with a high ceiling, I personally think it would be a great place to chill out. As our current "lounge" Is tiny to say the least. So this will be ideal, the only problem would be access to the place, but that can be sorted out with a cheap temporary ladder. But of course the space needs a good sorting out, which I have already began by going round with the hoover. Where I have found some odd stuff up there, including a book called "Creepy Creatures" and the Richmond and Twickenham newspaper dated 1987!

Today was a good day also, I wake up with a text from my mum explaining she will be coming up to see my house for the first time. Which was great because I had no plans for today. It was a nice day spent with my mum and her boyfriend. We went down to the riverside in Twickenham in this lovely pub which I will no doubt be going back to with my housemates. The day was finished off with a cracking Indian we found down a small side street.

So all in all I've had a top week.
Now to put on top of all that I start my 4 week internship with Rockfeedback TV which I am very excited to get under way. Of course I shall be blogging throughout this time to let you know how it is going.

Until then thanks for reading.

M x

Sunday, 16 August 2009


So another week in my life has gone by, this one has been a good one.
I began my second week of work on this film I'm currently on, one day was extra long and tiring. But I don't mind the long days now and again because I enjoy the work.

This week has been nice though, because some days there was no filming scheduled therefore I had days to chill! which has been a bonus.
These days off gave me the chance to go and see some people who have moved in down the road from me who go to my university, I haven't seen them since finishing my first year, so it was nice to catch up with them!

Then today my dad, his fiance and my brother made a visit to my house. They brought with them the remaining stuff I had left back at home. Which means my room is finally complete and feeling more homely. Which now includes dart board and my guitar amplifier which I have already been cranking up to Volume 4 (Its 100 Watt so can't be too loud) and jamming along to some Rage Against The Machine.
On top of having my stuff back from home, I had TWO food parcels made up for me. So now my kitchen cupboards are over flowing with food. This all should last me way into next month! Lets hope!

One bad thing though to my week, I decided to give the student loan company a ring as I haven't heard anything from them since I sent the application off. It turns out I sent my application form to the wrong flipping address!
As I am now sending it off at a later date I may not get my loans as soon as I start university for my second year, this is not good news. But fingers crossed It will only be delayed a week or so!

M x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Evacuate the Set!

Today was my first day on set for a feature film I'm working on for the next week or so (Last Train From Silver Street) the shoot went really well. My role is to film the making of, which so far I'm really enjoying, getting some nice shots together behind the scenes.

Little story from todays shooting though, there was a bit of drama.

One of the scenes were being set up at to be honest quite a rough area of north east London. During the scene everything was going well until, some youths started pulling up on there BMX's in the distance. There was only 3 of them. However one of them shouted out something to one of the actors. At first we thought nothing of it, although this was not the case. Moments later more and more youths started to turn up to the location on their bikes. By the end of this there was around 20+
The actor they were calling out to started to get a bit agitated so we decided to clear the area and move on. We split up the group, the actor who was getting called upon went ahead on first with the director. Me and the other crew members followed on. As we leave the area the youths approach us and start asking what we filming for? And who is in the film? (basically trying to make us say the name of the actor who was getting shouting at)
All the corruption was all quite funny, as they were all so young. A few of the youths actually had bandannas over their face, you could only see their eyes. Later the actor who had the trouble explains that in fact they were a gang and he has some trouble with them in the past.

All in all the situation was brushed off and laughed about later on in the day.

Nice bit of drama to start off the shooting schedule.
I'll let you know if a drive by shooting happens next or something.

M x

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Another one bites the dust!

Yesterday was my last day with the COI was quite a shame, because I had some really good days with that company. I loved seeing the state of the art equipment in the production companies over in Soho and that. Was amazing to see real professionals at work.

Next work experience on my last is a feature film, however this doesn't start until Wednesday, So i've got a few days off at least. But to be honest i've got used to the 9-5 already!
This film will be good as some of the shoots are late till the early hours of the morning, so that will be interesting experience.

Anyways i'll sign off and let you know how the film goes!

M x