Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Years Eve - I have a plan!

The last few days I have been going back and forth through phone calls and texting my housemates to try and organise a good night out for New Years Eve. I think I have finally have it sorted it. I have high hopes for the night now!

The last few New Years Even have been quite appalling. One year we went to a house party and got kicked out, meaning me and my friends actually celebrated New Years 12 O clock in the middle of the street going to another house party. Another year we decided to spend £20! to go to a club which we went to every week. Was a total waste of money as the club was rammed, meaning we couldn't get on the dance floor and took a year to get served at the bar. Plus the drink prices had been raised through the roof! And then last year my mates decide on a bar crawl at the last minute, which was a very expensive idea.

So now you can see why I have been working hard to make sure this year is going to be a good one for once!
We are off to a club in Kingston which has been reopened under the name of Hippodrome. The small record store in Kingston called Banquet Records have organised this event, which means there will be good DJs as the owners of the Record store have good taste in music! The main room is Indie so I imagine I shall be spending most of my night there. 2nd room is Dubstep and Electronic. Then the 3rd room will be Alternative Nu Metal, so that will be interesting!

Fingers crossed I haven't hyped up the night too much and it turns out to be bad. I have also invited a few friends from back home to come along to show them a better night out than Portsmouth ;-)

I'll let you know how the event works out after it happens.

M x

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dream - 3

Last night I had another good dream, which I thought be worth posting on my blog about.

I was working on which looked like a farm, with a few of my friends. And I think it was like an apprenticeship so I was learning things, then putting them into practice on this farm. I think if I remember rightly I was working with a few university mates. However they were too busy in mucking around than actually working (no change, as thats what they're like in real life)
Then for some majority of the dream, a video rental section popped up on this land. And I was running around the isles trying to find this DVD I wanted.

But anyway, thats the not the main point of the dream. It then jumped a few days or so, and this rather attractive girl joined to work on this farm. We all then had a break for lunch, where I willingly went and sat next to this girl. However for some reason we weren't saying a word to each other, even though we were sat side by side. The the dream then flashed forward to end of the break, and I happened to say something. Straight away we started talking.
It was quite strange, I think some flirting was happening (this is all sounding quite sad I know) some reason their was a fascination with my ear piercing' I think we were sticking things in the holes. During this whole event of the dream, I couldn't quite picture her face. But in my mind I knew she was a looker! (HA!)

The dream flashed forward substantially again, to a point where I think me and this girl were actually together.
In a nut shell it was like a montage of us being together, and the whole experience was real nice (soppy I know)

Unfortunately I woke up as I was changing position in my bed. I dosed off again, doing the cliche thing of hoping to go back to that nice dream. How pathetic of me!

I think this is a wake up call for me though, to start fresh in 2010, and make the effort to find that special someone. As forever I don't make that effort, the girl tends to find me.

So wish me luck in 2010!

M x

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Mums House!

After my swift visit to my dads house, I am now officially chilling at my mums house, by successfully doing sweet nothing!
Although my mum has been taking advantage of me being at home while she is at work by making me prepare dinner for when she comes home.
I thought I was home for Christmas to have a small holiday, not to be a bloody chef!
I don't mind though really, the amount of free food is amazing. I actually have a choice on what to have for lunch!

During the day I have just been sat in front of the TV watching Christmas films, from Matilda to first 2 Home Alones (lets face it the others are shit)
These films have got me in the Christmas spirit now. More so as today is Christmas Eve Eve!

Whilst being down here I have been trying to catch up with a few friends, but this has been less than successful, as they are quite busy from working full time.
However last night I did catch up with a few old school friends. We took a trip to the Casino in my local town. I hadn't been in a long time, so I was going with a positive mind set, thinking the long break has put me back in the game. However I was totally wrong, and literally pissed £30 up the wall! Although it was good fun while it lasted (I think...)
Then I look at my friends I went with and each of them left with a winnings of over £100 pounds. Gits!

Another time I wasted money was yesterday going to the dentist. I spent £24 for her to simply tell me to keep on brushing the way I am, and ask me whether I want my next appointment in 9 months again. £24 for that, such a joke in my opinion!
I guess it was better to get good news, as I used to always get bad news from her. She used to always moan that my gums were bad, and I was not brushing properly. But what kid at that age brushes their teeth properly anyway?

Anyway, small rant over. Bring on Christmas day!

M x

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Hometown for Christmas!

I am now back in my hometown of Fareham (near Portsmouth) for the Christmas holiday. This holiday break is going to be well deserved, as the week leading up to this had been an hectic one to say the least. As my university decided to give us all deadlines the two weeks before we finished!
I didn't mind the pressure that much as I enjoyed the work, and a bit of pressure now again is good I think!

So far I have enjoyed the warmth of my dads house. Its been bliss! I have missed central heating so much!
And on the menu tonight I have requested Roast Lamb... going to be a good night!

Then tomorrow I am off to my mums house up until Boxing Day! I haven't been to my mums house since my 21st birthday! I imagine there will be a huge hug waiting for me when I enter my mums house!

I'll let you know how that goes!

M x

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Semester 1. DONE!

Today I finished my first and last exam of semester 1 of my second year at uni.
And it feels so good! I get to go back to my home town for Christmas and chill!
This time last year I had exams after Christmas so I couldn't chill completely! However this time I come back from Christmas to just start my second semester!... Awesome!

The Christmas break will consist of me drinking a lot, and getting fat from all the free food! Good times! (oh and warm houses with central heating!)

To celebrate finish my first semester me and some friends from uni are going to try the Circle Line Pub crawl. Which consists of stopping off at every stop on the Circle Line tube line and finding the nearest pub and having a pint. This will mean we have to consume 27 pints! and then a vitory pint at the pub we started... 28!
Of course this will not be done, so we have set ourselves a target of 10 and finish off the night at On Anon for the Mischeif Student. Never been before, but heard some good things about it. Should be a top night!

We have promised ourselves next year we will complete the Circle Line pub crawl properly, and start off around 12pm and do all 27 stops!

Lets hope tonight ends up being a good one!

M x

Monday, 14 December 2009

Dream 2

Last night I had another odd dream...

Every yeah my dads side of the family go on a camp to the New Forest around may time in the summer holidays. It is known as the "Hoare Family Camp"

My dream last night, was about this annual camp, that I had decided to join this year. As lately I just make a guest appearance. Although this camp was not so good. As it was raining alot, which made all our tents and caravans slide along the field. Meaning all the tents and caravans had slid all into one area, making them all pile up on each other.
Then for some odd reason I decided to go around taking photos of the wreckage. Quite odd!

I do love some odd dreams though!

M x

Saturday, 12 December 2009


Last night, I had quite a random dream, wasn't quite a strange ones I kept having a few weeks back, however it was quite random.

Heres how it went out;
I live on my Universities radio station, all is well. I was on my own, but some reason other people kept walking in and being my co-hosts. In the end there was around 6 of us in the studio.

Then as a song plays out to the end, a random girl walks into the studio, whilst I am doing the link. She sits down in front of me, and some how I recognise her.

I finish my link and play a track, and it turns out it was one of my friends from back home, who I haven't seen since I started university. So naturally I gave her a huge hug and started to chat. At that point my dream ended and I woke up gradually.

Rather random this dream, as I haven't spoken to her in so long, and not even thought about her in a long time. So I don't know where this link to having a dream with her in came from.

It's a mystery,

M x

Friday, 11 December 2009

There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Yesterday I finally got to hand in all my university work! The day was so good!
Then to make the day even better, it was the day of my Christmas Ball. And to say the least, I managed to get quite drunk. Which resulted in me waking up still drunk, having to make my way into university for a revision session. This was quite amusing however, everyone asking me "are you drunk...?"

Now this weekend, I am going to relax and do nothing at all! Well perhaps I should try and do some revision, the exam is on Thursday. Maybe!

Anyway, back to Scrubs,

M x

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My latest University Assignment

I finally finished my advert for Quality Street,

I am quite pleased with the outcome. What do you think!?

Monday, 7 December 2009

9am - "Time for a can of Strongbow I think..."

The day had finally came, I was going to The Church in London!
If you may or may not know, The Church is a club in London which is only open on a Sunday, with the mad idea of opening from 12pm - 3pm. Excellent!

Two friends of mine from Uni had organised this day for a long time as it was there birthday within a few days of each other.
Ever since I started Uni last year, I have wanted to go to this club, so I can gather I was quite excited to finally experience the place!
It did not disappoint, I had a awesome time!

The night before I have a resemble early one to make sure I am nice and awake for the interesting day ahead. I wake up around 9am, and the first thing I do (other than use the toilet) is crack open an ice cold can of Strongbow. Now surprisingly this can and a few more later went down rather well (not a good sign really...)
Me and my housemate make our way to the station, oh and I forgot to mention were in fancy dress. Girls cavegirls and the boys Ninja Turtles. You can probably imagine the looks we got.
We hop onto the train and make our way into London (Kentish town)
During the journey many people were getting on and off of the trains and tubes we were also traveling on, and the amount of shocked faces people were pulling were fantastic!

We finally get closer to the venue, and we encounter more people were obviously making their way to the same place, as they were all dressed as Wheres Wally. So naturally we follow them to make sure we got to the right venue. Of course by this time we were all getting rather loud and merry.
In the venue was rammed with people in fancy dress, people in Morph suits, more people in Wheres Wally and the occasional Ompa Lompa. The club isn't just a place to dance they also have some "light" entertainment. Consisting of a stripper, Male and Female - Lovely!
The first one to come on was the female stripper, so I got myself a nice spot to watch the fun. And yeah she did a great job. But then after came on the Male, therefore the crowd becoming extremely loud with girls loving every minute of his show.
Then! to my surprise, and no doubt many other lads, the Female came on for Round 2 - Awesome!

The day was excellent and when the venue closed the surrounding streets were riddled with drunk people in fancy dress, all very amusing.
I finally stumble back into my flat at around 5/6 (I think) and just go to bed, only to wake up around 10pm with a steaming headache, this was properly my hangover.

All in all the day was a complete success and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a different day out. And I would definitely do it again!

M x

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Lately I've been having some really odd dreams, mainly these ones have been when I've had a few drinks and quite drunk. (and not after drinking some milk or eating a block of cheese before I go to bed)
There has been quite a lot of strange dreams lately because I have been going out a fair few nights.

But this is a list of some of the dream activities I've been experiencing;

Signing up to a game with another 100 people to simply kill myself in a bonfire. Names were drawn out of a hat at random, I was still alive when there was around 6 people left. At this time I wanted to be out of the game.

Sitting in an Office full of girls with really long unshaven legs.

Being part of a Tsunami, and all the debris was simply smashed of glass bottles, resulting in my face rather scared.

Being in a massive house organising a music video. No one would tell me what band we were filming, until the last minute when it was Jack Penate.


Being in my bedroom late at night shooting random animals out the window with an air rifle.

They are quite odd, and in every case it was the sort of dreams that seem so real when your experience them.
I think I may set up a new blog dedicated to my dreams, and everyone I remember large amounts of detail of I shall simply post it on there.
So watch out for the link of my DreamBlog.

M x