Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Credit, credit, credit!

In my last post I spoke about how my overdraft had been canceled, meaning my account was ridiculous overdrawn meaning I could not spend a penny.
I can now happily say my account is now sorted. My overdraft is back, the account is restored to how it was, and I can now start spending again (wisely of course)

The procedure was remarkably easily to achieve, I simply walked into my back waited (which seemed like a century). Eventually got seated with the lady who appealed for the over draft the week before. She said it was now accepted and simply clicked a few buttons, and as if by magic, the overdraft was back on my account.

Now, I am very pleased its back on, but did the process really require me to go into the bank myself? I believe this process could have easily been done over the phone...I guess it will put the employees in the bank out of work if it was all done on the phone.

Whilst I was there, I made a big step in my life and applied and was accepted for a credit card. I know, its a dangerous thing to have. However, I believe my money handling is in good order and I can control myself to not use the credit card on stupid purchases. Its only there for emergences.
For now I will be using the card to pay for my rent over the next two months. The credit will easily be paid off once I start university again In September as my student loans will be going back into my bank, so that money will easily help pay off the credit.

I'm looking forward to having the loans back again, it always puts me at rest. Because I'm forever worrying about my money, making sure I always have enough to keep me going.

M x

Monday, 12 July 2010


I have been a customer with Santander practically all my life, and for the majority of this time I've had no problems with the bank. Up until now. 

From starting my second year at university I applied for an overdraft which was accepted, and helped me out greatly during my summer break when I was working for free on work placements. I of course dipped into the overdraft heavily in order to survive and pay for rent. 

Now times are even more harder this summer break, so I went ahead and applied to get my overdraft extended in order to pay rent. Unfortunately the overdraft was declined, and now for some reason my whole overdraft has been cancelled, leaving me overdrawn by a considerable amount. 

The is very infuriating as I can't be dealing with this sort of hassle right now. I went into to my local branch to find out my overdraft had been taken off by the staff simply saying "You don't have an overdraft" which of course my response was "er, yes I do, i've had one for over a year now...!"
She carried on telling me I don't have one. However she was kind enough to help me out and appeal for my declined extension. 

After going home and phoning up Santander, and getting transfered which seemed like all over the car department. With some people claiming they can't deal with my request even though I was transfered to this person from someone else claiming they would be able to help. 
I was eventually given the final conclusion that they believed I was not a student no more.

I am now patiently waiting for the bank to sort out this mess and get my overdraft back. I imagine I will be charged for being overdrawn, however I hope I can appeal for this as well, and not have to be charged. As I'm sure thats not right to simply delete my overdraft leaving me ridiculously overdrawn!

I think after this is settled I shall look into a different bank,
Any suggestions?

M x 

Monday, 5 July 2010

Employment feels great!

A few weeks ago after great deal of searching I finally snapped myself a job with the company Picture-Pal. My duty is a photographer (which is great for my interest) and I work in the club, Oceana in Kingston Upon Thames. The role is simple; I make my way around the club for a few hours, ask to take photographs of people, take a great photo of them and ask if they would like to purchase the photograph to take home with them at the end of the night.

The job is great fun, and I have found it very easy to fit in and build my confidence to ask practically every person I walk past if they would like a photograph. I would say around 80% of the time people agree and have their photo taken.

I have been to this club many times as it is a only a quick bus ride from my house in Twickenham. Of course everytime I've been to this club I've been nice and drunk .

Therefore having to work in this club instead and be sober each time every week gives me a new experience inside. Firstly being sober gives me the great opportunity to watch what people get up to in the club, for instance; Its good fun to see the guys (or sometimes girls) trying their hardest to give it their best moves on the dance-floor.
Then there's the strange sites when you see some odd couples who can't help but just think 'How on earth are they together?'. For example the couples where the man is extremely tall, and the girl is the complete opposite and tiny, it just looks so odd. Along with the odd looking couples you of course get the couples who are having a bad night and they are having an argument in the corner, or you see the boyfriend trying to comfort his girlfriend which ends up getting nowhere. Its gratefully entertaining to witness when I'm having a little break from taking photographs.  
The best site in the club though is the regulars, I've already clocked a few people who go to this club every single Saturday. I've yet to find them in the club wearing an outfit I recognise from a previous night, I look to this night so I can tell them. 'Hey! You do know you wore that outfit last week...!' 

At the moment I'm only working 1 day a week, therefore the money isn't helping me out too well. However on Wednesday 7th July I have an interview for Superdry. I have my fingers crossed this will go well, as I will then have shifts at this retail store during the week, giving a nice contribution at the end of each month. 

I shall let you know how that interview turns out. 

M x 

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Today I listened to Kanye Wests new track 'Power' and I was surprisingly very impressed!

I've always been a fan of him and have always accepted his change in sounds between albums in a good way. However his previous album '808s and Heartbreak' was personally not my favourite!

Which leads me to this track which has impressed me' straight away!

I just hope when the album is released the rest of the tracks live up to 'Power'

Give the track a search on YouTube and let me know what you think.

M x