Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Another year down.

So again, I have neglected my blog for the last 6 months this year. This would be down to a number of reasons I'll try and explain later in this post.

For now, lets recap on my New Years Resolutions for 2011. This is all 10 that I produced on January 3rd 2011, The ones in green I managed to complete, and the ones in orange I half completed.

1. Graduate from university with a respectable grade
2. Break into my ideal career path, where I can generally see a future ahead
3. Move into a house/flat closer into London
4. Use my camera more often to take photographs for my neglected Flickr page
5. Drink the suggested pints of water a day, whatever that may be...
6. Try to get back into the routine of flossing my teeth
7. Aim to produce 5 music videos by the end of the year (already have 2 in the making...)
8. Eat more fruit and veg
9. Use this personal blog more often!
10. Get partnered on Youtube ;) - My Channel

I would call that 6/10, which I would say is a nice achievement.

Graduating from university was a fantastic achievement, and the ceremony was such a wake up call for me, for the future ahead. Straight after I went into full time employment in retail to only pay the bills in order for me to still live in London (Kingston). Whilst of course apply for jobs left right and center in the media.
For a while I thought this was not going to happen until next year. However luckily enough 2 weeks ago I started full time work at th1ng as a office runner. I still can't believe how lucky I am to get out of retail and practically get my life on track. 2012 is going to be very eventful for working.

My other achievements would second to my new employment, but of course still happy to have achieved them, for instance 5 music videos. We didn't quite make this mark, but 4 was a good enough for me. We could have released 5 this year, only the 5th music video is not 100% complete...so coming soon!

The rest of the unachieved goals are to be taken forward into my 2012 resolutions, however my Youtube page will have to be left aside until whenever, due to time constraints. But for certain I am going to force myself to use this blog more in 2012, now that I have the job I have been looking for and still making music videos. I can focus on other things in my schedule, like this blog, because I wont be worrying about applying for jobs.

Also I can concentrate on my second blog, Stupid Customers - More on this in the new year.

Well that is all for now, the next post will be my resolutions for 2012.

MH x

Friday, 24 June 2011

First Great Western train service is far from great.

Friday 24th June was my mums birthday, which meant I was to make the two and a half hour journey back to hometown of Fareham. Every time I embark this journey I use South West Trains. Unfortunately this time round I was to use First ‘Great’ Western, which succeeded in increasing my journey time to around 3 hours plus.

My original plan was to arrive in Fareham by 19:45 however from the get go this was scrapped as delays were to make me arrive in Reading and miss my connecting train by 3 minutes, which of course gave me a large knock on effect to follow connections.

The delayed train to Reading eventually arrives and I climb aboard with already low hopes. This low expectations were then made greater with a strong aroma of the trains public toilet throughout the unfortunate packed out carriage I decided to sit in.

The train journey continues to spiral down hill when I eventually arrive at Reading. There I board the connecting train to Basingstoke which was not my original connection and had to wait 30 minutes for this train to leave, thanks to the Reading train being delayed. The train is sitting at the end of the line at Reading station to leave at 18:41 - However, for some unknown reason the train decides to eventually depart at 18:55. Which again means I was going to miss my next connecting train at Basingstoke.

I finally arrive at Basingstoke at a time that doesn’t matter from now on, as it seemed the time table just didn’t matter anyone at First Great Western, it seemed to me they enjoyed just making it up as they went a long.

Due to being delayed again at Reading my connecting train from Basingstoke was of course missed and meant I had to wait another 30 minutes for my final train to Fareham.

Throughout this whole journey I could not believe the shear volume of bad organisation First Great Western were giving to their passengers. So much so that one of the train drivers came over the intercom to inform us with; ‘Apologies to the delays there seems to be some problem at Reading...’ - That is clearly not very informative.

At the end of my journey I was of course unhappy with my whole experience spent with First Great Western that I went ahead and sent feedback to their website simply explaining their service is, shit.

I will also use this blog post to inform them further how bad their service is.

Let me know of your own experiences with First Great Western train service.

M x

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Returning To Youtube

For over a year now I've had a channel on Youtube called WatchingMatthew. Where I post videos every Wednesday about anything and everything. During the end of my studies at university I found it difficult to commit to this deadline I gave myself. And didn't make videos for a while.

However, now that I have completed I am back into the swings again, and my returning video was released yesterday. Here it is, I hope you enjoy!

M x

Monday, 13 June 2011

FENIXX NEWS UPDATES: The Separation Edit Process

With Fenixx Productions I have been working very hard in the 'Fenixx offices' (ahem) after finishing off the 'Call Off The Search' video I am now well underway editing 'The Separation's - Our Lives In Cinema' this is possibly one of the technically strongest videos to date and I will soon tease you with a little trailer once I've come close to my first Edit!

For now check out these teaser stills.

M x 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Hangover Part 2 [Brief Review]

The other night I watched Hangover 1 to refresh my memory for what to expect to see in Hangover Part 2. To be honest, the refresh was not needed.

The Hangover Part 2 of course contains the same cast, plus a clever monkey and a few other characters to accompany the 'new' storyline. This theme of similarity follows throughout the film.

The storyline practically follows the same twist and turns from Hangover 1. Which at first I thought was a good idea, as it reinforces the comical element of the 'worst hangover ever!' as they have to run through the exact same situations. This can be looked upon in reality, we always have hangovers which you feel are just always the same.

However, this idea of similarity or in fact identical story brings the film down. You can't help but think, you could have just purchased the first one and saved yourself a fair bit of money from the overly priced cinema tickets. Part 2's only difference is the small selection of extra content which could have been used in the first one to improve the story line and grab more gags. And of course the location setting for the film is different, Bangkok.

Ultimately if Part 1 and 2 would have been merged together into perhaps a 2 hour film, you would witness a genius piece of comedy. Which would have you laughing from start to finish.

Having said that, Part 2 is still good and has its laugh out loud moments. I just wished they changed the idea of hanging exactly the same hangover a small bit. It simply shows laziness.


M x

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Why Superdrys 20% weekend was a let down in my eyes...

It is close to a year since I started working for clothing brand, Superdry and I have just recently started working full time after completed university.

Since the company started they have never offered their customers discount or sales, even during the January sales period. I have always thought this idea is great. As it keeps the customers loyal to the store and the brand, no matter what the price. We still received good numbers of sales through January, defeating what some people may think Superdy would loose out on customers.

However, this weekend the company offered everyone who is signed up to the mailing list to receive 20% through simply showing this voucher/coupon at the till when purchasing their items. They simply had to print off the email that was sent to them on Friday 3rd June at 12pm.

Myself included and the rest of the staff who worked on Friday were expecting a huge rush of customers clutching the printed voucher in handed from 12 onwards, however this was not the case. I hear this carried on throughout Saturday, then onto today which I worked. Where I was on the till for about 3 hours in the morning and processed only 3 discount vouchers.

I just find it strange how this could have happened. We always break our targets, and the amount of people we had sign up to the mailing list, well I couldn't even begin to give you an estimate to how many. Furthermore you only have to walk the streets surrounding the store to see the Superdry bags everywhere, and not to mention the public wearing the brand head to toe.

Giving it some thought, I believe the promotion of the event and the days leading up to the event could have been more forward. For instance the Facebook and Twitter page of course promoted the offer. Then the important email at 12pm Friday, but I think that was it. The rest of the promotion was down to word of mouth. I see what they were trying to achieve with this, keeping their customers loyal as they would have to work to find out when the sale started and ended.

But maybe putting a simple poster up in the store would have helped attract the customers and raise the already high profit margins of the weeks takings.

I guess that is just my opinion in the whole situation, I imagine It was in large still a success and the company will probably do it again. As I hear it was a tester to see how the customers would take it.

I just think may next time more promotion would have helped the great offer given to their customers.

M x

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Flickr Update 1

Today I was at my mums celebrating my brothers 18th birthday! Which isn't till next week, but we just decided to this a little early, so he can of course get drunk on his actual birthday with his mates!

I had to take my camera with me to this occasion. I took quite a few photos, but I thought only two were good enough to be uploaded to my Flickr page.

Have a look and tell me what you think, I would love to hear some feedback.


M x

Monday, 30 May 2011

A random Flickr update of random

I set myself up with a Flickr account a few years back to try and get into the field of amateur photography. However I managed to neglect the site 100%

I picked up the account again last year through uploading one or two photos. Then again, the site was put aside like all mums tend to do when they have the 'great' idea to purchase an exercise bike in the new year.

This has again been turned around today, where I randomly decided to add a few random photos I randomly took on a train journey on Wednesday.

So go have a look, you may or may not like them. They are nothing special, this is still a very early stage of me trying to do some amateur photography.


Who knows when the next update on this site may or may not be.

M x

Call Off The Search - Train Yourself To Drive In Colour


Director/Producer Matthew Connell
Camera/Editor: Matthew Hoare
1st AD: Niall Highgate
Runner: Ellen Ogilvie
Runner: Joe Mulligan
Runner: James Gear
Commissioner: David Gamage
Record Label: ENGINEER RECORDS engineerrecords.com/

With thanks to: Alex at 'Mangos and limes' and Peter Reeve



Sunday, 22 May 2011

New Era

So it has been far too long since my last post on this blog, I thought I better bring you to speed with my happenings.

I started this blog during my first year of university, and unsurprisingly my time at university has quickly come to a close. I officially finished all my university work just over 2 weeks ago, and I could not even begin to explain how strange this feeling is, how quickly the 3 years have gone, so I shall leave it at that.

Of course now that I have finished university the question of 'future?' has been heavily on my mind. Well so far I haven't looked too much into. My first step completing university has seen me go into full time employment at Superdry, which I was working part time during my studies.

My idea is to work at Superdry full time to give me a nice steady flow of income to basically pay the bills, whilst I work on my days off working on gathering together what I need to break into my choice of future career path.

This of course would be some sort of media involvement, which I am still undecided with. I am hoping it will fall into place from working on things as I go along.

So for now I will inform you of so far small production company has been given a nice rebrand from being Iconic Creations to now being called Fenixx Prodcutions with a nice fancy logo;

So of course me and Matthew Connell will be continuing with projects under the name of now Fenixx Productions. You wont have to wait too long as we have one video from the guys, Call Off The Search which is very close to be released, and the trailer can be viewed now;

Then another music video set to be released from, The Seperation in the next month or so. Both music bands come from the excellent label, Engineer Records.

For now you can 'like' and follow us on the typical social networking sites, FacebookTwitter
Please continue to check back on this blog of mine, as now I have completed university I will have more time to update this blog with my goings on. Due to their being no worry about getting distracted from coursework and essays through logging onto this site.

Speak again soon,

M x

Friday, 11 March 2011

Starter For Ten

A few weeks ago I finished reading the book 'Starter For 10'. Whilst I was reading the book someone mentioned to me on Twitter that the book was made into a film. This intrigued me a lot, as I have never watched a film after reading the book first. So of course after finishing the book I went ahead and purchased the film.

To be honest I was definitely disappointed after viewing the film, things were changed, a lot was left out, the whole film seemed rushed. Personally I would like to know if the director actually read the entire book before writing the script for the film...

It seems to me the film was only set to represent the interesting parts of the book, and parts that would make the film a hit in the cinemas and on DVD release. It felt like there was a complete lack of a good background to the film, which you certainly got from the book.

However,  I'm glad I watched the film. Its made me appreciate even more what you can get out of a book that you cannot get from a film. This isn't me saying I wont watch the film version of a book ever again, because I will. I think its a good thing to do, as it makes you realise even more how good the original book was.

Book 8/10
Film 4/10

M x

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Making Of: Mikee J Reds "LIVING WELL"

So on Wednesday I showed you the teaser trailer for music video. Well now watch and enjoy the making of :-)

Also if you be so kind to post this around, help create the buzz for the video!

M x

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mikee J Reds 'Living Well' [Teaser]

So the edit for this music video is coming on nicely, I just had to put something together to get everyone ready for the final edit.

I'm a little tease....

And please help spread this around by clicking here

M x

Monday, 7 February 2011

Music Videos

A slight gap of dead space between now and my last post on here, so here is a little update of my projects with regards to music videos.

I mentioned in my new years resolutions posts that I was off to Paris for a music video shoot for the acoustic artist Mikee J Reds. This did happen, and the outcome was fantastic. I don't think I could be more happier with the productivity myself and the others had spent over in Paris for the 24hours. On the shoot we were using my new purchase of a Canon 7D. Which is a glorious piece of equipment, and accompanied with the beautiful lens I hired from lenspimp.com made the footage on location look superb already. The return journey from Paris was spent looking over the rushes, and already I was overly impressed with our work.

So far I don't have a final edit to show you guys as a little teaser, however I do believe the final outcome is going to be fantastic, and will set the bar for our next shoot.

Quickly I would like to thank Bennycrime for hosting me in his office on the first day of editing this video. I do plan on returning over the next few weeks to receive some second professional opinion from him (his work is also excellent, check him out!)

Once this video is over, we are not stopping there. The next band we will be producing a music video for is the The Separation. We already have some nice ideas floating in the air of creativity, which will be set to film at the end of February.

But wait there's more!

After we shoot this video, it will be on to our next video with the guys Call Of The Search during mid March. Again we are looking forward to this shoot.

So the next few months for me are going to be extremely busy. I can't wait to get these videos finished and show you guys. And just for the record all these bands are under the label Engineer Records

For now you can keep up to date with the proceedings for these shoots through our Iconic Creations Facebook or Twitter page.

No wait, here is a little teaser for you!

Ta ta for now, M x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Resolutions so far...

I'm on a train traveling into London, to meet someone and then onto a test shoot for my next music video project. Therefore I think I would pass the time by writing this blog post as a little update to the resolutions I set myself this year. it may or may not become a thing...

So as mentioned earlier the music goal is going well. I should hopefully be doing the next one after this in mid February.
Things are already looking up for this year.

Flossing??? To be honest I haven't kept this up that well so far, but I'm going to force myself to get back to it in the beginning of next week. This will be the same for drinking water goal. Slow start but hopefully will pick up.

Graduating? This will happen, not sure what grade, but I started my second semester on Monday and so far the new modules seem Interesting.

That's a little update for this year so far, probably a little boring.

However the music video I'm shooting next will be in Paris!

So this will be an amazing experience, a good way to push the envelope.

I will let you know how that goes next time.

M x

Monday, 3 January 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011

I know I'm a bit late to be posting this, however I have been giving it some thought this year. So I wanted to make goals I can generally try and stick to.

Most years I never stick to the few I make, therefore this year I went ahead and thought 10. That way I can stick to a few and still be proud of what I achieved at the of the year.

Here is the list in no particular order:

1. Graduate from university with a respectable grade
2. Break into my ideal career path, where I can generally see a future ahead
3. Move into a house/flat closer into London
4. Use my camera more often to take photographs for my neglected Flickr page
5. Drink the suggested pints of water a day, whatever that may be...
6. Try to get back into the routine of flossing my teeth
7. Aim to produce 5 music videos by the end of the year (already have 2 in the making...)
8. Eat more fruit and veg
9. Use this personal blog more often!
10. Get partnered on Youtube ;) - My Channel

I think that list os pretty resemble... lets hope I can stick to at least 6 of them to make me feel like I've made good achievements in 2011.

Hope you all have a great 2011, and your new years resolutions get completed!

M x