Monday, 30 May 2011

A random Flickr update of random

I set myself up with a Flickr account a few years back to try and get into the field of amateur photography. However I managed to neglect the site 100%

I picked up the account again last year through uploading one or two photos. Then again, the site was put aside like all mums tend to do when they have the 'great' idea to purchase an exercise bike in the new year.

This has again been turned around today, where I randomly decided to add a few random photos I randomly took on a train journey on Wednesday.

So go have a look, you may or may not like them. They are nothing special, this is still a very early stage of me trying to do some amateur photography.

Who knows when the next update on this site may or may not be.

M x

Call Off The Search - Train Yourself To Drive In Colour


Director/Producer Matthew Connell
Camera/Editor: Matthew Hoare
1st AD: Niall Highgate
Runner: Ellen Ogilvie
Runner: Joe Mulligan
Runner: James Gear
Commissioner: David Gamage

With thanks to: Alex at 'Mangos and limes' and Peter Reeve


Sunday, 22 May 2011

New Era

So it has been far too long since my last post on this blog, I thought I better bring you to speed with my happenings.

I started this blog during my first year of university, and unsurprisingly my time at university has quickly come to a close. I officially finished all my university work just over 2 weeks ago, and I could not even begin to explain how strange this feeling is, how quickly the 3 years have gone, so I shall leave it at that.

Of course now that I have finished university the question of 'future?' has been heavily on my mind. Well so far I haven't looked too much into. My first step completing university has seen me go into full time employment at Superdry, which I was working part time during my studies.

My idea is to work at Superdry full time to give me a nice steady flow of income to basically pay the bills, whilst I work on my days off working on gathering together what I need to break into my choice of future career path.

This of course would be some sort of media involvement, which I am still undecided with. I am hoping it will fall into place from working on things as I go along.

So for now I will inform you of so far small production company has been given a nice rebrand from being Iconic Creations to now being called Fenixx Prodcutions with a nice fancy logo;

So of course me and Matthew Connell will be continuing with projects under the name of now Fenixx Productions. You wont have to wait too long as we have one video from the guys, Call Off The Search which is very close to be released, and the trailer can be viewed now;

Then another music video set to be released from, The Seperation in the next month or so. Both music bands come from the excellent label, Engineer Records.

For now you can 'like' and follow us on the typical social networking sites, FacebookTwitter
Please continue to check back on this blog of mine, as now I have completed university I will have more time to update this blog with my goings on. Due to their being no worry about getting distracted from coursework and essays through logging onto this site.

Speak again soon,

M x