Friday, 20 April 2012

Film review Friday 10 [It Might Get Loud, 2008]

This weeks choice of watch was from Lauren, so here is her review...

This week, we watched It Might Get Loud (2008), a documentary about the electric guitar, featuring Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge. I'd never heard of the documentary until a friend sent me a link to a clip on YouTube where Jack White manages to make a guitar, from scratch, out of a selection of quite random objects. Since watching that clip, which is pretty awesome, we decided the documentary should make an interesting watch!

The film, by Davis Guggenheim, takes the time to look at what influenced all three of the guitarists featured to pick up their instruments, as well as seeing their techniques and how they've changed and been influenced on their musical journey. I was most looking forward to the parts with Jack White, as I've always been a fan from The White Stripes, right through to his solo material. I really love that you can hear his love of the blues in his music blah blah

The Edge. Well...where do I begin? I hate U2. I don't really know why, guess I'm not really into big egos and dad music. So, because of all these things, I can't say I was a huge fan of The Edge to begin with. I mean, I found it interesting to see how U2 had progressed over the years, but he basically revealed himself as basically being a distinctly average guitar player, who uses distortion pedals to the max. I'm aware that the documentary wasn't about how amazing the guitarists actually were, and more about the celebration of the electric guitar but hey ho.

I knew I'd like Jack White, and it was more than likely that I wouldn't be a fan of The Edge, but the biggest surprise for me was Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page. Of course, you can't deny the guy is an absolute legend, but I wasn't really sure at first. But as you watched his journey in music, and how he'd played with so many esteemed artists of his time when he first started out as a session guitarist through to his amazing career with Led Zeppelin, you can't help but have a lot of respect for him. Plus he has the best guitar face going!

I'd definitely recommend watching It Might Get Loud if you're into music, and especially any of the guitarists featured - it gives a really interesting insight into their lives and influences, which I found really interesting! Also a good watch it you want to know how to make a guitar in the wilderness! Thank god for Jack White.

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