Friday, 31 August 2012

Film Review Friday [Ted, 2012]

Upon walking into the cinema and sitting down I knew this film was going to be a good laugh, and I was going to watch it with an open mind, and I am glad to have made this decision.

Throughout the film the jokes keep on rolling along, and they are great, practically all the punch lines or remarks had the audience in uncontrollable laughter. Although, with some moments I could not help but notice we weren't laughing at the structure of the joke or the delivery, however the shear randomness of the jokes placement and theme, just being outrageous.

However, there are some moments the writing is very clever, making remarks to certain people, celebs and events in the media, which can always be a hit. It's great when writers set themselves aside and take a stab at things that no one else dare to touch, it is still funny in my mind, and think Seth executed this perfectly.

If you are fan or can tolerate Family Guy then you are definitely going to get on with this film just fine. The film just looks and feels exactly like any episode of Family Guy, as of course it was directed and written by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarland. The random scenes and jokes, and even the choice of music tick all the right boxes in the Family Guy category. This is not a bad thing, as I am sure a lot of people who have been watched the cartoon series have often wondered 'what if this was made into a live action version'. Of course this is not a complete recreation of the cartoon series, this film certainly feels like an extended episode, I know this is Seth's style of comedy, but it would have been interesting to see some new ideas.

The whole film is a great watch, and I would watch it again, but it would have to with mates accompanied by some beers and pizza. I don't see this being a classic comedy, purely because upon leaving the cinema I couldn't help but thing 'What was the point in that?' - But I am sure some people would argue this is what makes a great comedy.

Who knows...only time will tell.

MH x

Thursday, 30 August 2012


Another Infrograph I have found on the net, and this one looks great. I would LOVE it if my office took notice to this information on how great naps are and offered nap time compulsory in the day. Or an option if needed, the amount of times I have felt so tired and just wanted to curl up in bed for just an hour for a little pick me up. Sometimes coffee just isn't in the option.

Oh and speaking of sleeping, here is my other blog with sleeping people! Sleepy Bears.

MH x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Super Busy Chicks End Of Season 1

This week's episode of Super Busy chicks is a simple video to explain we have finished with Season 1 and will be back on the 26th September with the brand new, Season 2! We can't wait to kick that off.

In the mean time you can check the Facebook and Twitter pages for competitions, fun times!

Remember, stick the 26th September in your diary...we will be back!

MH x

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Windows 8 looks......terrible

Since I started college back in 2005 I turned away from Windows and realised how amazing Macs are, and have never looked back since. Now, I am a little biased (well...maybe a lot) when it comes to comparing Macs to Windows, therefore with every Windows OS (Operating System) update I have a little laugh at looking at their UI (User Interface), and everything.

With the new Windows 8 set to release this year, I have looked a little into the OS and of course like previous release have not been a fan of it. Now, I believe this certain release has proven to have a fair few problems, resulting in number of humorous reviews online.

For instance the 20 minute plus video below is very amusing watch,  two guys go through the whole system picking out all the flaws, and issues that should have been noted and retified in the development stage. The video could be a little geeky to some people, but I think the jokes and opinions are executed perfectly, with some great sarcasm and tongue in cheek remarks, which I am a huge fan of.

After I watched the video I could not ignore the question of how the OS went through product testing, and wonder what on earth Microsoft were thinking.

MH x

Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday me and Lauren spent the whole time down in the New Forest to meet up with some my family, my dad with my stepmum and children were camping down their along with my cousin and his wife and son. They're were camping...well caravaning in a dog friendly site, therefore my dad and cousin had their dog's to accompany them, and by the looks of things they were both loving it.

Left, Alfie is my cousins dog
Right, Brecon is my dads

Both these dogs have been camping before, and we could tell, they were both friendly with each other, as if they were best buds, it was lovely to see. There was the occasional play fighting, but it was all in good spirit.

After we had some lunch upon arrival we visited the local small town of, Burely. This was a small stretch of road with nice little gift shops, which were full of witch items, and I am sure there was a couple of women hanging around who believed they were witches (I really don't believe in that stuff). Looking aside from this the town was very nice with great character, we had some wonderful as always, New Forest ice cream ( just as the rain started) and picked up some amazing homemade fudge (I can be an addict!).

Can't see the witches in this photo though.
Arriving back at the campsite (which was a former airfield during the war) we moved onto a playing field to fly some kites. I haven't flown a kite for at least 5 years and I was loving it, I had forgotten how fun they can be, once you get it right.

Boys and their toys!
Whilst flying these kites we were accompanied with the dogs. Only recently I have actually admitted to liking dogs, and I believe this has happened since being together with Lauren, who is a huge dog fan. I had a little go at walking Alfie around the field, and I really enjoyed it. He is very well behaved, and if I had my own dog I would make sure my dog was just the same (but this is years down the line).

We left the site late evening to get back to Laurens for Sunday. Where we spent the day chilling around her local town, Windsor. She showed me The Long Walk for the first time, which I thought was a really nice place to relax with a picnic in the sun. Accompanied with a good view of Windsor Castle. We realised we haven't visited that part of Windsor enough, and are planning to do it more often, especially with all the nice restaurants and pubs in the area.

Bank holiday Monday was spent with the Super Busy Chicks, but more on that at a later date!

Did you have a nice bank holiday weekend?

MH x

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bestival 2012 - Excitement, Confusion + Disappointment...but mainly EXCITEMENT!

Bestival is only a few weeks away, and I am of course getting very excited. On Wednesday they posted a photo of the arranged line up, and it got me even more excited, along with some disappointment and confusion....and here's why in three simple points. 

1. Excited, simply because it's by far the BEST festival I have ever been to (I guess that's how they got the name!?). If you have never attended, and enjoy festivals...then I strongly suggest you go to this one year, and if you don't have a good time....then you have no sole!

2. I am unable to attend the festival from the start, meaning I will arrive Friday evening. Which means I will miss The XX and Hot Chip, which I am of course highly disappointed about, I was really looking forward to seeing them both!. Luckily I'm not missing any more bands over the weekend. 

3. Finally my confusion starts with why they have chosen to place Justice midday on the main stage? Surely it would make sense to have them 2nd or 3rd from top in a tent so we can all rave hard to the music in the evening after all the daytime drinking, with some great visuals...?

Secondly I just want to know why Two Door Cinema Club have been slotted as support for New Order, I mean that's just funny, right? Surely, Justice should have been there!

But all this opinions, disappointments and confusions aside it doesn't really matter, I know I am still going to have so much fun at the festival! I CAN'T WAIT!

Are you going?

MH x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Weekend in Paris

Monday evening I arrived back into the UK from my weekend away in Paris with Lauren! As I mentioned in Friday's post we had free tickets to visit Disneyland on the Saturday. Visiting the park together was great fun, we went on all the classic rides (Space Mountain, It's A Small World, Areosmith's 'Rockin' Rollercoaster'). My personal favourite would have to be Big Thunder Mountain. Every time I have been to Disneyland the ride had been closed for maintenance, luckily this year it was open. I was so happy to have finally had a turn on the ride, as it was bloody amazing. It was our last ride of the day, which had a total queueing time of around 90 minutes (I know...ouch!), but this was totally worth it. Plus due to the parks late opening times, we were on the coaster in total darkness, adding a little extra fun. As you can see by the photo below, I was totally loving it.

Lauren says I look like a cartoon character.
We couldn't have been luckier with the weather for Saturday in the park, the whole day we were there not a single cloud appeared in the sky. But of course this meant the heat was off the scale for the visitors, resulting in seeing a majority of the parents throwing water over their children to call them down. Some how I survived the whole day without getting sunburnt....a true miracle. 

The rest of our weekend was spent in Paris taking in all the sites, and simply relaxing and enjoying our time away together. Another first for me was to take a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower, I was shocked at how cheap this was, so it had to be done...and the view was incredible!

Alongside the touristy stuff (Mona Lisa, Arch De Triumph etc) we included some trips to things you may not have heard of. The best one for me was visiting the bridge, Pont Des Arts. The bridge is covered in padlocks that couples engrave with their names and throw away the keys into the river below. The bridge only has a view spaces left for padlocks, and it looks amazing, the padlocks reflect the sun making the whole bridge sparkle with the metal. I love how the citizens or Paris are okay with this, it shows how open and creative the city is, and I wish London was just the same. 

Whilst I was there I was getting snappy happy with my recent purchase, the Olympus OM10 35mm camera. Unfortunately the photos from Disneyland have been lost due to some issue with winding back the film. Hopefully with second film I can work out how to use it properly and of course post up the best ones on here...I can't wait to see how they turned out.

I had such a wonderful time in Paris, have you ever been?

MH x 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Ah...Oui oui, Bonjour!

I posted a few months back that me and Lauren had picked up free tickets to go to Disneyland courtesy of Sky Rewards. Well the day has now arrived, and we head off via Eurostar this evening, we are both extremely excited!!

Our hotel is in central Paris so after our full day in the park tomorrow we will be spending some chill time exploring Paris, eating French cuisine, exploring some vintage shops, maybe a gallery or two, until Monday evening upon our return back to the UK :-(

I am excited to be visiting Disneyland again, it's been a few years since I last went. To help with my excited mood I have been following a blog on Tumblr ( that posts vintage photos from all the Disney parks, here are a few of my favourite.

To carry this theme of vintage/retro I have purchased a 70s Olympus OM10 off eBay at the bargain price of £13. With the aim to take some more interesting photographs whilst I am there. I always enjoy taking photographs on film, It always feels that little bit more fun.

Expect a post on my return, filled with a explosion of photographs from our trip.

Au revoir!!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

My night at Converse Represent with Pulled Apart By Horses

A few weeks back myself and Lauren were lucky enough to win tickets to attend a Converse Represent night at The 100 Club. We had tickets for the Overkil show, with Wet Nuns, The Safety Fire, Pulled Apart By Horses. The only band I was looking forward to see was of course, Pulled Apart By Horses, as I am a huge fan. With the venue being very small I was expecting to be blown away with their performance, and I was not wrong with this idea.

The band hit the stage hard, powering through their 30 minute set. The room gradually got hotter and hotter as the set progressed, and by the end of their set finishing with High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive the crowd went crazy, with a lot of people falling about into Tom Hudson and James Brown, it was an amazing performance. It made me realise how much I miss watching bands perform at such small venues, they are always such good fun. And how many years ago I used to be in a band performing in these small venues, it was such good fun. The 100 Club is a great venue for all this, the sound system was a very good quality (always helpful).

These Converse Represent nights have been put on because earlier this year The 100 Club was facing closure, however it was saved by a sponsorship deal with Converse. Converse then put on 9 shows at London's 100 Club, with a whole variety of bands; Blur, Best Coast and Rudimental, which were FREE! You just had to be lucky enough to win a ticket (Like me and Lauren)!

Here is a video filmed on the night, which features a few words from Tom and James from Pulled Apart By Horses. 

Did you apply for any of the Converse Represent nights, and lucky enough to go?

PS Before the night me and Lauren went to Bodeans (it was devine). Before going I Tweeted the lads asking if they wanted to join, unfortunately there was no reply :(

MH x 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Super Busy Chicks Episode 12

Another great episode of Super Busy Chicks from us today. I know I mention every week how good the cooking segment of the show is (what can I say, the man loves his food). But this week's cooking segment was another dessert, a raspberry semi freddo. And my god, was it good!

The dessert is really simple to make, and tastes bloody amazing. You have to try this recipe, it blows any other vienetta ice cream out the water!

MH x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Twitter account + a blog

A few weeks back I posted an entry about a couple of hilarious Twitter accounts you should all follow (If you are on Twitter of course). I said I would try to update the list with more good accounts to follow. Well at the moment I only have one more account to add to the list, but it's still an update.

The account is @InnoBystander
I'm not sure why the account has a sheep for it's identity, however it is a fun account Tweeting honest opinions on current affairs, in a humorous ways.

Secondly I have come across the blog, Consume Consume. Which I have instantly fallen in love with, if you ever have a few moments spare at work then I strongly suggest you have a look. The blog is full of great photos, some are funny, some our just outrageous, some are a bit gross and some are clever. All the shots are not the usual stuff you find scattered across the internet, that are funny for about the first 2 seconds. These photos you have to stop and look into them, and half the time you wonder where these great photos were found, and think how funny the moments must have been when the photos were taken. The person or people behind the blog must have a great archive.

Here are few I've liked so far...

MH x

Monday, 13 August 2012

The Closing Weekend

Saturday on the second to last day of the Olympics I finally went to watch the events on the big screens at one of the parks in London. Myself, Lauren and my housemates went to Hyde Park for the BT London Live. It was a such a good atmosphere in the sun with a few pints, which I have to point out were outrageously over priced. Although, I can slightly see the reason behind this, as the event was free...they have to make ends meet somewhere.

The whole time I was in the park I was wondering why I had not taken advantage of these free London events throughout the games. The atmosphere was electric when we all watched Mo Farah cross the line to take gold in the 5,000M final. I wish I'd been there for the previous 'Super Saturday', however I am still glad to say I experienced some of the games properly.

Sunday afternoon was zero Olympic theme, me and Lauren had a 'little' picnic in Wimbledon Park, it was just nice to chill out together and soak up the amazing sunshine. One thing that did amuse me whilst in the park, we looked over our shoulders to spot in the distance a few middle aged men meeting up to act out some role've seen the film Role Models right?

This is them walking can they take themselves seriously.

In the evening we of course watched the closing ceremony, which I think went well, however there were a few too many moments where I couldn't help but thing. 'WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?'. Although just like the Jubilee Concert we successfully showed off what great music backgrounds we have here in the UK.

I'd like to sum up the closing ceremony with a few points, and questions.

* One Direction after Madness and Pet Shop Boys...?
* Was there only 4 tracks on the playlist?
* Victoria Beckham did a nice job at standing and waving.
* Why, oh why, out of everybody they decide on having Jessie J perform with Brian May and Roger Taylor (Queen)?
* 22 years after his death, Freddie Mercury can still control the on!
* 'My Generation' was the perfect fitting song to eventually end it all.
* Did no one else see the man walk the tight rope to set fire to a mannequin
* And....don't the Parlympians get a torch?

MH x

Friday, 10 August 2012

So far new not good Muse

aaaah...a big scary televison!
Yesterday Muse officially released a new track, 'Unsustainable' from their upcoming album, The 2nd Law. Now I'm not going to write a huge post about this, but I really don't like it. 

Yes, It is amazing that Matthew Bellamy has again come out with making some new crazy sounds with his guitar, which of course everyone like NME are going to call this 'Dubstep'. However, why does the band feel the need to be making this genre of music, and in such an unoriginal way. If you listen to the track, the chorus has the unmistakable sound of modern day dubstep, which I find is just far too obvious nowadays, the sound feels like it's far to easy to achieve, and lets face it rather boring and tiresome. 

I know a lot of people, and every die-hard-Muse-fan are going to say it's brilliant that bands change their genres between albums....but this? Come on Muse, I want the days of Origin Of Symmetry back, watching the band play that classic album in its entirety at Reading 2011 was amazing!

Looking at the track listing that was posted on NME, this first release is actually the second to last track on the album. So I am hoping the tracks leading up to this one are far better, and this one is just an afterthought at the end of the album. Ultimately with the new genre debate, bands should really evolve and fine tune their genre, not decide on changing it from one extreme to the next...following the masses. But hey this all my thought's and opinions.

What are your thoughts on the new sound of Muse?

MH x 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

DIY Wooden pallet desk

I've had my account on Pinterest for a white now, the majority of stuff I choose to repin are ideas for the home. I've found an endless supply of fantastic ideas float around the site, the other day I stumbled across someone who had turned a wooden pallet into a desk...instantly I had to make my own. 

I searched high and low on the net for scrapyards in my local area to pick one up, until close to giving up I went to a local Homebase store which had a waste plant behind. To my excitement I found a huge pile of these pallets where I found my chosen one. The guy dropping off these pallets told me to go for a blue one, as they're the strongest for deliveries (I don't think he knew what I wanted one for...). Straight away I realised the pallet was far too big, so it was cut right in half. 

A quick hack with a saw did the trick
The next task was to source some legs for the desk, again this was a long search around the net until I fell upon these legs from B&Q, at the bargain price of £4 each. After two coats of Dulux 'Brilliant White' paint the pallet was ready for a set of legs, choosing white was a clear decision for me, I just love white wash on wood. 

I'll be honest attaching the legs was the most difficult task with fixing the screws into the pallet. The wood was so tough, which I guess is a good thing, don't want the desk collapsing around me.

Some of the paint was a little faded,
but I quite like that washed look
Here is the final outcome, which I think is great, I will admit the desk is a little tall for my liking. Therefore the legs will receive a little cut down at a later date. But I think it's a original looking desk, and didn't break the bank. I reckon in total I spent around £35, which I think is pretty cheap for a interesting looking desk.

Ignore the wall, thats next on the list to sort out.
I thoroughly enjoyed this little project, and I am looking forward to executing the next batch of ideas I have for my bedroom. This is the third place I have lived in since moving out, therefore I have decided to choose more serious things for my room... decent matching furniture etc, and I can never say no to little DIY projects like this.

Whats your thoughts on the pallet desk?

MH x 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Coming soon to Super Busy Chicks

This weeks episode of Super Busy Chicks is a simple coming soon episode.

BUT...make sure you watch the episode where Caroline makes the Raspberry Semifreddo. It's unbelievably good, if you like Viennetta's you will be wanting to make them all the time!

MH x

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Tech Tuesday:

The other evening I discovered a website to aid people with their diet regimes. Now, I am not personally on a diet or a calorie counter, however I do try and watch what I eat, at an attempt to live a healthy lifestyle and I believe this website will aid me with this way of life.

The website is designed to give you an exact list of foods you can eat over a desired amount of meals and calorie intake over the period of a day. The search field for these certain criterias is very precist with only two boxes to fill. 'I want to each X calories over X meals'.
These two very simply values are great for anyone who wants a quick solution. With these busy lifestyles we now lead I am sure people will agree this a useful design idea.

Once you have receieved your search results the site gives you a break down on what to each for each meal throughout the day; breakfast, meal 1 and meal 2. (Of course depending on how many meals you wanted to eat.) If you are not happy with the results you can simply click refresh and a new meal will instantly pop up. furthermore if you are confused with the portion sizes the site will give you the option to change the values you are able to consume the food (grams, amount of slices, cups etc).

The site is genius, it's exactly what some people out there need right now to help them with these little goals in their lives. Seeing exactly what to eat instantly gives you a real insight to what foods carry the most calories, and a better understanding on portion sizes.

I will certainly going use this site in the future when I am stuck with the decision on what to eat.

MH x

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Golden Weekend

Mine and Lauren's weekend together started off on Saturday with a nice day out in London, in and around Shoreditch. We visited my new favourite place in Shoreditch, the Boxpark, where I picked up a nice pair of Gola's which I have been eyeing up over the last month or so. I thought it was about i'd treat myself...and already I am looking into other colours. (uh oh!)

I love them! 
After the Boxpark we did not really have a plan, so decided on having a little bike ride around on the Boris bikes. I'll be honest and say Lauren looked rather scared the whole time. I did take us through some busy traffic, so I guess she did have a good reason.

The next Victoria Pendleton
The evening we sat down to watch live coverage of the athletics to witness Team GB to win those 3 separate gold medals in under an hour. Throughout that time, I could not believe the moment of history I was witnessing. Such a good end to the day, and I was surprised with how interested Lauren was! Sunday was again amazing with Murray's win, I was so glad he managed that. Just a shame he can't manage it for himself.

Such a good weekend for us Brits, it makes me proud to say I am British. After watching all the Velodrome action it makes me want to take up more cycle rides with people perhaps.

MH x

Friday, 3 August 2012

Film Review Friday [The Dark Knight Rises, 2012]

Like everybody else I was very excited to find out the official release date for The Dark Knight Rises, I wasn't counting down the days, but still excited. Wednesday night (Orange Wednesdays of course) I finally watched the film.

The whole film was a fantastic and enjoyable watch, it has a long running time, however being so gripped to the film with the action sequences and visuals, the minutes rolled past without realising.

The stand out moments to the film was the new evil villain in town, Bane. Tom Hardy played this character exceptionally well,  you could just see the evil in his eyes, and his whole body language representing his tremendous strength, it just looked so believable. His altered voice sounded so menacing, adding to his evilness. However, I will say in some parts his voice sounded too altered giving the impression the sound bites were simply placed ontop of the video, and didn't look like it was coming from Tom Hardy, which was a shame.

The film ties in and finishes plot lines from the previous films, which was executed with some heavy dialogue. Which was nice to have in the film, as it added something else to the film, not simply an action packed made the film a more serious watch. A lot of these scenes adding to the films seriousness were between Bruce Wayne and Alfred, which I have to admit got a little tedious with Alfred delivering a continuous stream of heart warming, life changing speeches. It felt Christopher Nolan was making a hard attempting to make the audience think more, and take something personal away from the film.

The film hits hard with the ending climax sequences, showing Gotham City quite literally fall apart into rubble at the scenes. This was very powerful to watch on the big screen, again making the film a gripping watch. The stand out scene would clearly be the football pitch collapsing behind a player, it was a stunning scene to watch.

The whole film is filled with these stunning scenes, and with Bane the film will definitely be one to watch again and again when released onto DVD/Bluray.

MH x

Previous Film Review Post, The Amazing Spiderman

Thursday, 2 August 2012

How churches use social media [INFOGRAPH]

Yesterday I stumbled upon this infograph, and as you may know I like to post interesting infograph's from time to time.

I had to post this one, as it just sounds too funny and interesting that churches are discovering the powerful use of the social media.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Super Busy Chicks (Episode 11)

It's already Wednesday, so that means another episode of Super Busy Chicks!

This week, the cocktail at the end of the show was amazing, it was a pineapple dessert made like a cocktail. It tasted so nice, soon as we said cut the dessert was demolished in about 2 minutes. Luckily none of us felt drunk afterwards...!

I say it every week, but if you don't know what I'm chatting about then watch the show below.

Remember were now on Facebook and Twitter

ALSO we now have a Wordpress, which will soon be jammed packed with more information on the shows; recipe instructions, more information on the outfits etc.