Thursday, 9 August 2012

DIY Wooden pallet desk

I've had my account on Pinterest for a white now, the majority of stuff I choose to repin are ideas for the home. I've found an endless supply of fantastic ideas float around the site, the other day I stumbled across someone who had turned a wooden pallet into a desk...instantly I had to make my own. 

I searched high and low on the net for scrapyards in my local area to pick one up, until close to giving up I went to a local Homebase store which had a waste plant behind. To my excitement I found a huge pile of these pallets where I found my chosen one. The guy dropping off these pallets told me to go for a blue one, as they're the strongest for deliveries (I don't think he knew what I wanted one for...). Straight away I realised the pallet was far too big, so it was cut right in half. 

A quick hack with a saw did the trick
The next task was to source some legs for the desk, again this was a long search around the net until I fell upon these legs from B&Q, at the bargain price of £4 each. After two coats of Dulux 'Brilliant White' paint the pallet was ready for a set of legs, choosing white was a clear decision for me, I just love white wash on wood. 

I'll be honest attaching the legs was the most difficult task with fixing the screws into the pallet. The wood was so tough, which I guess is a good thing, don't want the desk collapsing around me.

Some of the paint was a little faded,
but I quite like that washed look
Here is the final outcome, which I think is great, I will admit the desk is a little tall for my liking. Therefore the legs will receive a little cut down at a later date. But I think it's a original looking desk, and didn't break the bank. I reckon in total I spent around £35, which I think is pretty cheap for a interesting looking desk.

Ignore the wall, thats next on the list to sort out.
I thoroughly enjoyed this little project, and I am looking forward to executing the next batch of ideas I have for my bedroom. This is the third place I have lived in since moving out, therefore I have decided to choose more serious things for my room... decent matching furniture etc, and I can never say no to little DIY projects like this.

Whats your thoughts on the pallet desk?

MH x 


Lauren said...

Your desk looks AMAZING! :)can't wait to see it for real later! x

Matthew Hoare said...

Cool innit :)

Anonymous said...

Hey man, trying to drive woodscrews directly into the palette corners - or anything for that matter - is always a tall order. Not only that, but sometimes you run the risk of splitting the wood!

Best thing to do is to buy a wood drill bit that is 2mm smaller (or there abouts) than the screws you're looking to drive and make pilot holes - takes literally seconds - and then drive the screws into them. They'll go in really easily and cleanly and will bite the pilot holes really well.

Just passing on the knowledge!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea though - probably should've said that first! A bit of glass on top would be dope too.

Matthew Hoare said...

I think this whole project was a little learning curve, I thought of your idea switfly after putting the thing together.

And yes glass top is next on the list! Along with some stronger legs, I'm looking at straight Key Clamps for legs.

And thank you very much :)

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