Friday, 28 September 2012

Film Review Friday [My Week With Marilyn, 2011]

This week's film choice was Laurens, so this is her review! 

This week, we finally got round to seeing a film we'd been meaning to see in the cinema for ages, My Week With Marilyn. I had seen both positive and negative reviews of the film before watching it, so I was interested to see what we actually made of it.

The storyline is based around when Marilyn came to England to star in the film The Prince and The Showgirl, alongside Laurence Olivier, in the 1950s. The story is recounted by Colin Clark, who was an employee of Olivier, who was helping out on set when he finds himself drawn to Marilyn. The story, I'd say, is quite simple to follow (no headaches!), but is perfect for highlighting what a complex character Marilyn was. Complicated story and character would have just been way too much! The 50s is an era I really love as well, so it was really nice to go back to this time to see how things got done in the film industry.

Now, as for Marilyn, I imagine it was pretty daunting to try and play her. She's possibly the most famous woman ever ever ever, and her character was so complicated. Michelle Williams, however, was pretty darn good. I didn't think in the stills from the shoot that she looked THAT good as Monroe, but she was so much better than I thought! And the resemblance was pretty amazing too. The Prince and the Showgirl was most famous for it's leading actors incompatibility and this was so greatly depicted on screen, Kenneth Branagh made for an amazing Olivier, who just lost his temper with Monroe too many times with her odd methods of 'acting'. But I though Michelle Williams definitely stole the show! She encompassed Marilyn's pouty sexiness, vulnerability and childlike traits perfectly and had her wide eyed innocence and fear of Olivier down to a tee. Highly unpredicatble and probably a right nightmare to work with, but you can't help but be drawn to her.

Being as I had read a mixture of reviews before, My Week With Marilyn was definitely better than I expected, however, the storyline could have been a bit more interesting...but that's just me. Not something I would watch time after time, but definitely a must see.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Looks like River Island are stepping up their game!

Like every other man out there I have never been a fan of the retail store, River Island, their clothes always look so odd. You can never fail to look through the store and stumble across a jumper, t-shirt or a pair of trousers which include a zip, hole or glitter design. Which to every human being does not look good!

Until the other day, when I entered their store on Oxford Street and looked around to see their clothes have quite drastically improved, so much so that I really wanted this coat...which I later purchased on

Another example I have noticed River Island are sorting out their range and image, was when I watched their incredible fashion video for this years London Fashion Week, which was featured on the well established Promo News. If you are not interested in video work, I still urge you to watch this video, or at least skip through to appreciate what this director (Ryan Hope) has achieved.

The whole video is shot on one camera, continuously without a single cut...and it works so well. This is a real pleasure to watch, and gives River Island a good image to show their are looking into the market and making their brand appeal to more. Plus I'm a fan of clever video work, and this ticks all the boxes for me, I am a huge fan of the continuos filming.

Of course they are still far from getting into the league of Topman, American Apparel or Uni Qlo. But they are getting closer.

MH x

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

First episode of SEASON 2, Super Busy Chicks

Here is the first episode of Season 2 Super Busy Chicks where Caroline makes a quinoa salad, Jemma talks about upcoming films, and Claire chats about her love for polka dot fashion.

During the episode we announce the winner to the competition, so watch for that if you were nice enough to enter!

Hope you enjoy our come back, and please keep spreading the word so we can increase our community of busy people!

MH x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The XX - 'Coexist '

Today, I was going to write up a little review for The XX's second album 'Coexist'. However my girlfriend (Lauren) has already beaten me to it on her own blog, and our opinions are practically identical. Therefore I wont go ahead and type out the same review, but into my own words. I will send you over to Lauren's blog to read her review....enjoy!

On my post I will just say that it's a fantastic album and you should purchase if you enjoyed their first album.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Weekend away to Valencia

Over the weekend I had a fantastic trip away with my work colleagues to a villa in Valencia. These work trips have happened for the last 3 years at my work, as a bonding trip for the full time staff in production.

The weather in Valencia was beyond perfect, the whole weekend it was 30C and then I'm guessing around the 20 - 25C for the evenings. The first night on arrival in the evening, we took a walk down the beach, there was not a signal sense of wind in the air, and the beach was empty. It was so peaceful, and straight away I was loving it. This set the tone for the whole trip.

Both days we woke up at a reassemble time, got some breakfast, then hit the beach for lunchtime and stayed there until the evening for food and drinking until around 3am.

This laid back lifestyle for the two days was exactly what I needed, and it made me incredibly jealous of the Spanish and how nice the weather was for end of September. Compared to the English wet and miserable weather upon arrival last night.

The area we stayed in was not populated by British tourists, I only spotted around 3 separate groups of English. I was of course very happy for this, as theres nothing worse than the 'Brits Abroad'.

The second day I had to chill under this,
my back was horribly sunburnt 
The back streets were beautiful
Even during the day the beaches
were half populated
I will certainly go back to Valencia, it was a beautiful place.

MH x

Friday, 21 September 2012

Film Review Friday [Lawless, 2012]

This week me and Lauren headed to the cinema to watch John Hillcoat's Lawless. The film is based on the true story of the Bondurant brothers, who are in the moonshine selling business during the Prohibition-era to the town folk whilst fighting off battles with the corrupt cops.

The film is riddled with a great selection of actors, ff course everyone (including me) are going to mention Tom Hardy. His performance was fantastic, he gave his character a great Virginia accent, however I did feel it would have good for him to have a few extra lines. And I did enjoy his selection of cardigans he had from the wardrobe department. 

The set design is spot on, just the same as any other 1930's based western film, it really is a great attempt at a modern day western, with added violence. Which in some parts can be quite explicit, make a few rather squeamish, the choice to make the film an 18 was a good one. 

The film doesn't fail to live to true spirit of a classic western, with the arrival of a bad cop to town from Chicago, Charlie Rakes played by Guy Pearce. This vilan sets to put right the moonshine bootlegging, of course, with his wicked ways the audience instantly take a disliking to him. Pearce plays the character really well  in making him look so sinister, some scenes are uneasy to watch, not knowing what his next move is going to be in cracking down on the crime. 

With the big name cast, costume and set design the film is a joy to watch. There is no challenging storyline, which is fine, you can simply sit back and enjoy the film as a whole, good entrainment. 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Rich Kids Of Instagram

Tumblr is full of weird and wonderful posts, you can find people with the exact same odd interest in life, making you feel less of an outsider. The site is also full of great blogs with hilarious themes, just like the amazing page I posted about the other week, Consume Consume. Another one I have discovered is Rich Kids Of Instagram, and it doesn't take a brainiac to guess what this website is all about....yep shit little rich kids.

It is such an eye opener into how these rich kids live their lives thanks to their parents. It shows the obscene amount of money they spend, and choosing to exploit this on Instagram. If I was lucky enough to be wealthy and had kids I would certainly be ashamed to find my kids doing this. This small selection of photos show what reoccurring themes you get to witness on the aware you get full of rage with the site, seeing these kids show off without a care in the world for money.

Yep, a lot of OTT houses
showing off receipts from OTT nights out i
s a regular occurrence  
Champagne is always the choice for the rich kids.
I bet they don't even like it.
The site doesn't make me bitter about their wealth, it makes me realise how much I appreciate my own money, and I am glad I'm not a show off like these little fucks.

MH x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Super Busy Chicks Season 2

I mentioned a while back that season 2 of Super Busy Chicks will start at the end of September, well that time has arrived very quickly. It will back on your laptops, computers and smartphones a week today :)

Stick a reminder on Wednesday 26th September in your diary, that's when we will be back....BIGGER THAN EVER! Don't forget to tell everyone you know about our show, we want to let the world know what we are up to!

As I mentioned last time, for the mean time you can enter our fab competition, which ends on the 24th.

Click here for full details.

MH x

Monday, 17 September 2012

Music Monday

Monday's on the blog are usually all about my weekend, however today I have decided to steer away from that idea. Don't get me wrong, the weekend was a nice one with Lauren on Saturday, and then some filming with Caroline Artiss for her Youtube channel. I just don't think the events would be good enough for a read on a Monday morning...mainly because I didn't take enough photos (and lets face it, people only tend to look at photos in blog posts)

Therefore I have decided to randomly go for a quick Music Monday post, about Bat For Lashes.

I used to listen their first two albums, 'Fur and Gold' and 'Two Suns' a lot last year, it was high on my playlist for the summer, however this slowly fizzled out. Until being informed with the release of their new album, 'The Haunted Man. I am highly looking forward to purchasing it, due to the first single 'Laura' got me gripped from the first listen. Natasha Khans voice is beautiful throughout the whole track. It also sounds brilliant live, I was very happy to catch the song live at Bestival, definitely goosebumps material. You have to hear the track if you haven't already, so here it is. 

Last week they released another track from the new album, 'Marilyn' as a free download (nice of them). It is another fantastic track, however I am still loving 'Laura' more.

This does make me wonder if the new album is going to consist of a bunch tracks with peoples names. However, I don't mind either way, I know Natasha and the band are going to sound great. 

MH x 

Friday, 14 September 2012

How the iPhone 5 Keynote should of happened! [NSFW]

I wish this is how the iPhone 5 Keynote went down the other night, this would have made for a far more entertaining watch!


MH x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday's Tech: iPhone 5 looks bad ass!

Image courtesy of gdgt
Last night I was glued to my computer screen at work reading the live blog feed on gdgt posting update information on the iPhone 5 Keynote presentation. The feed really made me feel like I was there at the event....of course being there would have been over 100 times better! I am sure if you follow me on Twitter my excitement for the release was obvious with my excessive Tweeting. 

Throughout all the Keynote announcements it was clear the leaked version of the iPhone which spread around the internet was spot on, which was a shame as I like a good surprise. However, I didn't read many articles on what was leaked, therefore I was still shocked to hear some of the updates the phone has received, and I believe it is a huge leap forward.

I was impressed to see they have again increased the speed of the A6 chip, this always baffles me how they can just upgrade it like there is no fuss. When explaining the chip is able to give power up to 5GHZ and 150Mbps, my jaw hit the floor, I remember PCs running on this sort of power!!! I can't wait to test out how much quicker this makes the phone. 

Facetime really impressed me as the phone now has a 720p camera on the front, and then the previous 1080p on the back. It's just mad to think how they can squeeze these capabilities into this phone which is now thinner! Of course making the phone slightly larger has helped. 

The new design is nice as well, I am sure a lot of people say nothing much has changed and that it should have a redesign. However, I like the slightly darker sides to the phone, gives it a new edge. I bet the phone will feel great in your hand now it's got a 4" screen...can't wait to get hands on with the device. 

I am impressed with the price they have offered, $199 for a 2 year contract for a 16GB version. These numbers don't feel like you will be breaking the bank too hard. That's roughly £125, which I am sure I could sell my iPhone 4 for that value. 

Yep, I want one already, although I believe my contract has just over another 6 months :( 

Are you getting one?

MH x 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bestival Blues

Monday evening I arrived back from another amazing weekend at Bestival on the Isle Of Wight, and since then the festival blues have been stuck with me. Just the same as my first time last year, the festival was amazing; the music, the shenanigans, the atmosphere and then this year the extremely lucky weather. Throughout the daytime all I had to wear was a t-shirt and a pair of shorts...attach this with to a pint and some music with sunglasses on, and you can imagine how good it was!

I love going to festivals and I believe there is something different about Bestival, both times I have been it has felt a little bit extra good, but I can't quite put my finger on what this extra something is. I cannot wait to go back again next year (I think we are just going to keep attending).

My highlight for the festival was of course seeing Stevie Wonder, he was amazing, such a legend and influential person to the music industry. The crowd were loving every minute of his set, it felt like one big party to end the festival.

Other great acts I enjoyed were Friendly Fires as they performed the best set I have ever witnessed. Bat For Lashes destroyed the expectations I had for their set, Natasha sings perfectly live. Roots Manuva had the crowd going wild. Miike Snow was another unexpected great performance, his music works so well live. There was plenty of other bands I saw, but I wont to go to detail with the lot.

This year I thought the quality of bands was raised, and there were some good mixture. I'm sure next year will be even better...can't wait!

To be honest, I wish my job was to attend festivals and review them....I can only dream I guess.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Turns out I wasn't original being a Penguin,
I would say I saw about 80 of them!

We're so attractive right :) 
We ate here everyday last year, had to be repeated this year!

When you explore the festival you find some great things!
I surprisingly succeeded with my first beer bong! 
There was so much hilarious random costumes!

Did you attend Bestival this year, tell me how much you liked it!

MH x 

Friday, 7 September 2012

See you later...I am off to Bestival!

Bestival weekend has finally arrived, and I cannot wait to hit the campsite. Unfortunately, I am going to arrive late into this evening :-( due to only being able to get the Monday off work (very happy to get that one). But I am not going to let this get me down too much, it is still going to be an AMAZING weekend. Lauren, and one of my housemates and a friend from university have already set up base on the site, so once I arrive this evening I will no doubt be playing catch up with their alcohol consumption...wish me luck!

This years theme (they always have a theme) is wildlife...I will be dressing up as a Penguin, here is a preview of me modelling my outfit in the kitchen whilst cooking up some Sunday lunch.

I cannot wait to see everyones fancy dress on that day, it will no doubt be hilarious!

Like Paris I will be taking with me my SLR camera, so upon my return expect to see some nice photos from all the proceedings!

Are you going to Bestival?

MH x

Thursday, 6 September 2012

iPhone 5 excitement

If you spend a majority of your lifte on the internet (like myself), by now (even if you don't care) you would know about the iPhone 5 will be released next week. This still is not set in stone the announcement will be the 5th generation iPhone, however judging by the invite from Apple so far, it is perfectly clear. 

Apple always dish out some clever eye catching invites to their big events, and I think this is the most impressive and a personal favourite, even if it is the most simplest design....but hey, thats Apple right?

I am looking forward to find out what the new iPhone will bring to the smartphone table, as we are still left in the dark with no clear approved list on what might be on offer. Compared to the iPhone 4 leak in 2010. I guess, this is clear Apple have severely cracked down on their secrecy this time round. 

However, everyones guesses have seem quite plausible, with some impressive 3D mock ups. This video had me interested at first, until the part where the iPhone expands into an iPad instantly infront the naked eye, it's just hilarious, totally worth a watch. 

No doubt I will be infront a computer screen trying to find live updates from the keynote on the 12th! 

MH x 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Super Busy Chicks competition!

Last week I posted our end of season 1 video for Super Busy Chicks, and explained this is not the end for good, we will back with season 2 on the 26th September!

Of course during this period of no weekly episodes we have decided to keep you all entertained with a Super Busy Chicks competition....YAY!

All you have to do is answer this very simple (and obvious...) question the best you can;

Why are you a Super Busy Chick (or Guy)?

You can submit your answers to this question via our Facebook page, Twitter page, or by emailing us.

The PRIZE to the chosen winner is a Super Busy Chicks goodie bag, which currently includes;

  • Each copy of Jemma Fortes novels
  • A fashion prize
  • A cooking prize

The prizes will be more pacific at a later date, DEADLINE is 24th September, and the winner will be announced on the first episode of season 2 on 26th September.

MH x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Paris on film

When I arrived back from my weekend in Paris with Lauren I mentioned in my returning blog post I previously purchased a Olympus OM10 off eBay and promised to show the good shots in a post at a later date. Well, over the weekend I had these photos developed and here they are :-)

I am very proud how they turned out, I believe my exposure and shutter speed technique is already on good form. However, there were a few photos completely out of focus (I wont embarrass myself and post them), I reckon this is due to the shutter staying open a tad too long a few times. Maybe some film photographers out there to give me some pointers.

The photo doesn't do the view justice, it was amazing!

Lauren :)
Pont Des Arts

See... questionable focusing...!
What do you think of them?

MH x

Monday, 3 September 2012

The Mr. Brainwash Exhibition

Yesterday me and Lauren attended the Mr. Brainwash Exhibition at the Old Sorting Office on New Oxford Street. I only heard the exhibition was happening a week before, and straight away I wanted to attend as I enjoy the street art/graffiti craze. 

All the installations fill the area on the ground floor, upon walking in you are immediately greeted with all the pieces of art, and instantly you can tell a lot of time was spent creating the works. 

A lot of the work took on this theme
Photo doesn't do it justice, these paint tins were huge!
Cinematic legend!
Made entirely out of car tyres, amazing!
Walking around the exhibition it feels like a theme park, the room is full with large and small installations, for instance an overside boombox, polaroid camera and spray cans. I wont go into too much detail, wouldn't want to spoilt it.

I loved every part of the exhibition, all the art looked great! I enjoy this type of art, I believe the work doesn't have hidden meanings (which isn't a bad thing...). The pieces are clearly mass produced with stencils, and other such materials, expressing there was no hidden meaning them, purely showing off some creativity, which I believe is the main purpose of art. 

Art doesn't need to have the heading meaning, and explanations, furthermore these thoughts are always based on personal opinion from each individual. I am sure some critics will say this art does have thought provoking meanings, and I am certain some critics would say this not art. I can definitely see both sides of the opinions, definitely the not art opinion. But ultimately I love it, the works are great to look at, and if I had the money a few pieces would certainly be purchased for my flat. 

The exhibition is free entry and carries on until 7th September, and I strongly suggest you attend if you haven't already, it's fantastic. 

I want to attend more exhibitions like this, have you been?

MH x