Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Today's video for my YouTube channel, this was made a few years back at my old house during university. I wanted to upload it again, as I plan to make a new one for my new house. 

I remember editing this together and it was great fun. I look forward to making the new one :) 

MH x 

Thursday, 25 October 2012


Today is my 24th Birthday! I cannot believe I reaching the end of my 20s :(
I still feel 21....crazy times!

So I have roughly been on this planet for roughly;
8,765 Days
Or 210,380 Hours
OR 1.262e+7 Minutes
OR! 7.574e+8 Seconds

That got a bit confusing, but thanks to Google for helping me with those answers!

Wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! In the comments down below, that would be nice :) Stevie Wonder has already done it for me ;)

MH x

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


It has become clear to me that every Wednesday I post up some sort of video content, last few months it has been Super Busy Chicks, well today I uploaded a new video to my YouTube Channel.

I uploaded this a while back on my Vimeo page, however due to getting more attention on this YouTube page, I thought it was a no brainer to upload it over there instead. 

The short piece of video consists of footage containing a moving element, whilst keeping the camera static. Watching this back after filming it long ago, it is clear to me I need my own tripod, and I can see how bad my exporting settings were back then. We are always living and learning!

What do you think!?

MH x 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Random Album Game

I played this little game last year sometime, and had some good fun with it. The game cropped up again on Facebook, and I decided to play it again.

This game has a few simple steps to create a totally random album cover for a fictional band, and sometimes the outcome you would think this album and band could exist.


1 - Go to wikipedia and hit random. The first random Wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to and click on “explore the last seven days”. Third picture no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use Photoshop or similar ( is a free online photo editor) to put it all together.

5 - Enjoy what you have created.

Here is what I created, yep completely random, I can actually imagine this printed out on a Vinyl sleeve. 

This quick and simple game is good fun, perhaps a nice way to touch up on your design skills. 

Have a go yourself :) 

MH x 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Time is slipping away

Over the weekend me and Lauren had another lazy one, we watched the two previous James Bond films ready for this weeks release. Cooked up some nice dinner, and made some homemade fruit and nut chocolate, a Super Busy Chicks recipe. We also watched The Breakfast Club, Lauren has never seen it (I KNOW!).  Finally we squeezed in a little look around the shops in London, where I bought myself a new shirt ready for my birthday later this week!

Whilst looking in the shops, it was hard to ignore the fact Christmas is fast approaching us, and is now only weeks away. I cannot believe this time of year has arrived round again. 2012 has quite literally ran away from me without realising.

It is true what people say, the years go quicker onces you were older. I have full experience of this now, and I'll be honest I am not enjoying it. Don't get me wrong this year has still been amazing, I went to New York, Paris, Bestival, Valencia and a few other lovely trips in England. It's just the fact that time is just rolling past at break neck speed. In December I will already be working at th1ng for a year. It still only feels like 6 months!

I wonder if there are any tips on how to make time feel a little slower. I guess that is bordem. Do you feel time is going too quickly now as well!?

MH x

Friday, 19 October 2012

I've Been Me

I have uploaded another video to my old personal YouTube channel, I made this one a while ago for Vimeo. Since putting it on YouTube It has received more attention already, I think that's a sign.

I am definitely going to try and get a new video on this channel once a week, I have missed the attention the videos recieve from subscribers. The YouTube community is fantastic!

MH x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Tech Thursday: The New GoPro

Yesterday I stumbled across the link of footage captured with the brand new GoPro HERO3: Black Edition....and I was certainly blown away!

For those of you who don't know, GoPro is a company who build cameras for extreme filming conditions. They have widely been used for extreme sports such as; surfing, skiing, motorcross...blah blah blah. The camera has a strong casing to stop any debris and even water getting in. Therefore the camera is perfect to get thrown about and even shooting underwater, like I used it in my music promo for Kid Champion. The camera can be attached to many mounts, for helmets, surf boards etc.

The first model for the brand was a good start, then with the second model it was still not quite there. However, with this new model HERO3, it is looking very promosing! I am blown away with the sharpness of the imagine, and colour quality you will be able to get from it. I really want one to shoot some epic shots for personal use, or perhaps another music promo! The price for the camera is outstanding as well, $199!

Check out the video below of them showing off the capabilities of this new camera, amazing stuff!

I spent the majority of yesterday watching more videos on the GoPro YouTube channel, there is some impressive content using their cameras on there!

MH x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Super Busy Chicks (Episode 17)

Today's video from Super Busy Chicks is a special episode focusing on top tips for beauty treatments. Of course, this doesn't totally appeal to me. However, the spa days Jemma Forte mentions do sound incredible, one day I will go to one!


MH x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New Music Promo

If you follow Fenixx on Twitter or Facebook or me on Twitter and Instagram you may have noticed a few photos being posted of an epic ship. Well this was the location for our latest music promo for the band, King Lizard. The video is for the track 'A Nightmare Livin' The Dream', which is set to be released along with the album, of the same name.

The shoot was very hard rocking, and demanding for us all. The biggest shoot we have ever had, we are all really excited to show you the finished product. Take a look at these as a teasers for now.

The album artwork

MH x

Monday, 15 October 2012

The Weekend [13 + 14th Oct]

This weekend me and Lauren both had no plans whatsoever therefore we decided to take both days as they come...keeping it chilled and relaxing with no plans.

Saturday was such a relaxing day, we started things off around 12pm by cooking up some brunch, consisting of American style pancakes. We used this recipe, and I think they're turned out just right, tasting perfectly how I remember from my holidays to America. However, next time I will make a bigger mixture, so we can have larger pancakes to keep in ket with that proper American style. Whilst making them, I couldn't help but realise how different our English pancakes are, and that they are actually Crepes. And I am sure the Americans laugh at us when we call them pancakes.

The day plodding on nicely, we watched The Iron Lady with some carrot cake we made earlier in the week and green tea. Then finished off the evening with a visit to Windsor to eat a juicy burger from Gourmet Burger Kitchen...delicious!

Sunday again started off late around 12pm at Laurens house, we gobbled down a Roast dinner thanks to Laurens mum, then took a visit to Slough. I have to say that will be my last visit to Slough. It's not a nice area...however I couldn't help but feel slightly sorry for the town. It just looks as if the area has been forgotten by everyone. Endless amounts of shops closed down, and the town just looks a little dirty. And the shops that have been replaced are all the same...very odd and quite depressing.

It was a lovely weekend spent together, we haven't do it in ages!

What did you get up to at the weekend!?

MH x

Friday, 12 October 2012

Dusting off an old YouTube account

During my second and third year of university I found myself filming weekly Vlogs for my own personal YouTube channel, WatchingMatthew. These were great fun, and I discovered some great people out there doing the same thing. Some how I managed to scrape together over 800 subscribers on the account! It's crazy to think that, considering I was so rubbish at talking to the camera.

The experience was great fun, I improved my editing skills, discovered new tricks and tips with editing, and more importantly improved my creativity. Unfortunately after completing university my schedule became rather busy from working full time, therefore I couldn't commit to the weekly Vlogs :(
HOWEVER, I have decided to open the channel up again and push myself to start uploading content as often as I can. These videos wont be Vlogs....therefore you wont be seeing my face (although this could change). The videos will just be experiments with camera work and other techniques, to again help to improve my skills. 

This is the first new video I have uploaded on there, I put this together the other day when I had some free time. I hope you enjoy it.

If you are on Twitter could you CLICK HERE, I would love it if The Maccabees watched the video :)

MH x 

Thursday, 11 October 2012


The other night me and Lauren were traveling home from a nice meal together (I'll post about it another was amazing). We stumbled across this billboard on the underground at Goodge Street station.

We looked at it thinking it was a mental piece of vague advertising, then after closer inspection we noticed a few London underground stations had been represented in the collage of randomness.

Once I got home I googled the website address - To discover it's actually a game, and you have to name ALL 75 underground stations represented in the picture to win a selection of prizes.

This idea really interests me, as I love these collage pictures, where you keep looking and discover little things happening here and there in the frame. I think they can be really clever, and great fun to look at.

So far, me and Lauren have ticked off;
- Seven Sisters
- Elephant & Castle
- Knightsbridge
- Green Park
- Lambeth North
- Angel
- Marbel Arch
- Barking
- Bank

Then it just got a little hard, I need to look again. What stations can you notice!?

MH x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Super Busy Chicks (Episode 16)

It's Wednesday again, that of course means another cracking episode of Super Busy Chicks. The same as last week I wasn't able to attend the filming, and I am definitely going to try out these tasty pastry treats Caroline knocked together at the end of this episode. They look dead easy to make, and I am sure they taste bloody amazing!

Check it out!


MH x 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Paramount Pictures theme park!

Yesterday you must of heard the news Paramount Pictures are on track to build a theme park in Kent to rival the Disney theme parks! Costing around 2 billion, and to be build over the next 6 years.

This idea is very exciting to me, as I am a huge lover of theme parks, they are always such good experiences no matter how big the park. To have this world wide known film studios to set base over her in the UK will be such a great thing for the country. Bosting the revenue with tourists coming over, and more importantly giving job opportunities, because we all know a lot of people are forever struggling for work.

With the studios epic list of films, you can start to imagine what amazing rides they could design for the park, I hope a few rollercoasters would be in the list. I can picture an extreme rollercoaster for the Iron Man films, something fun for Grease, or what about an intense walk through ride for The Godfather? Getting caught up in a gangster shoot out. There are plenty of westerns in the film list, rides could easily be created with this theme! And of course I can definitely picture a themed area for Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

I could go on and on with the film lists, as the studios have been in production for 100 years! I just wish the park could be built sooner than later.

Who else is excited?

MH x

Monday, 8 October 2012

A new music video

Yesterday I was on a full stressful day for the next Fenixx music promo for the band, King Lizard. We were on location just south of the thames, on a genuine fisherman ship, which has been converted into a music venue. Of course making it an ideal location to shoot a rock video...!

This shoot was the toughest we have had so far, all this boat to film around and a tight schedule with a complicated storyline. Luckily we had our lagerst crew on hand to help us out, which was definitely needed. As this time round, extra equipment was used; a dolly and track, and a crane! Resulting in some spectacular shoots. I cannot wait to show you the final edit, for now have some behind the scenes shots.

I still can't believe we were able to film on this amazing location!

MH x

Friday, 5 October 2012

Facebook taking over the world

Yesterday it was officially announced Facebook have reached a staggering ONE BILLION active users, and that is a scary thought. Isn't there estimated 6 billion people in the world? I can't believe we are wasting this much time every day on that single website, how many eyes are looking over the site...that is a huge responsibility the company now holds on their shoulders to keep this website working smoothing...and lets be honest, some days this doesn't happen.

Now the company has released an impressive TV advertisement, which is beautifully shot and well put together, a great campaign.

However, I can't understand the need for this advertisement. With a 1 billion users, I am sure the company is comfortable with their product, their position on the internet is cemented. Now with forcing users pay to make posts on pages reach out to a wider community, I can't help but think the idea is a waste of effort, time and money.

On the other hand, they could be trying something new...with all that financial stability behind them, why not! and the message in the video does make sense.

What are your thoughts?

MH x

Thursday, 4 October 2012

My day trip to London Zoo!

Over the weekend me and Lauren took a day out to London Zoo, we had been wanting to do this trip together for a while now, therefore we both excited for the visit. I had never been before, resulting in my exciting even higher.

The zoo was excellent fun, a good mixture of animals across the park, which turned out to be bigger than expected. However, it was quite odd to be reminded that the zoo was in the middle of a super busy city. Certain sections of the park you could look across the area to see roads, cars, and buildings in the distance...which I have to admit was a little disappointing to see.

UK zoo's tend to get me wondering, as I am sure some of the animals struggle to cope all year round with our unpredictable (awful) weather. I dread to think how the animals from hot climates cope with the colder months of the year.

Of course, I was snappy happy all day at London Zoo, here are some Instagrams from the trip.
Peeping Giraffes cracked me up, but they did look rather bored

Gorillas look so strong, they could snap me in half!

Penguin beach was amazing,
so many of them swimming around!
Have you ever been to London Zoo, what did you think of it!?

MH x


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Super Busy Chicks (Episode 15)

Here is today's episode of Super Busy Chicks, the new season has been odd for me so far as I wasn't able to make these filming days. Therefore I am watching the edits as if I am a real viewer, and getting a interesting taste into the show. I believe we have grown the show rather well!

In this episode Caroline cooks up breakfast muffins, Jemma tells you how to be in the X Factor, and Claire shows off her pearl jewellery. The breakfast have certainly intrigued me, I think I'll be giving them a go in the near future.

Remember to subscribe to the channel, like and follow us.

MH x

Monday, 1 October 2012

Commotion Dance - 'Ready Or Not'

Saturday I had a productive day in Bath, where I filmed the dance group, Commotion Dance. They have been going on tour with their 'Ready Or Not' show. They approached me to film and edit together the promotional DVD for the show. I was very impressed to be asked to make this as the show is fantastic. It's aimed at children from ages 3 - 7 and it's a huge colourful spectacle, highly enjoyable for the children.  I am looking forward to editing this piece together, the show is 35mins in total therefore will be the longest edit I have ever done...a nice learning curve.

The children loved the tubes during the show!
The stage before the performance, look at the colours!

As I mentioned the show was in Bath, this was my first time visiting the area, and I instantly loved it. The streets were perfectly clean, and everything was so organic looking. I will certainly visit again properly with Lauren and explore the area in more detail. 

Bath high street, even the train station caught my eye! 
One thing which really caught my eye was the towns brick work, everything was a slight shade of yellow, which was nice. This made the area seem so vibrant and inviting, adding to the cleanliness of the city. Another thing that really interested me when I was leaving after the shoot. There were huge crowds at the bus stops, but everyone was forming a orderly single file queue. It was actually crazy to witness this, of course It shouldn't be crazy to see manners to be put into practice. However, you just don't see this behaviour up in London, it's a bun fight to get a place on a bus in the city. 

Commotion Dance are a great company, and I really think they are worth checking out! 

25 days until my birthday! 

MH x