Monday, 23 December 2013

Ridiculous new advert for The Voice 2014

Last night I saw the new advert for The Voice 2014, I don't watch this pointless show. However, a friend from uni posted this on Facebook explaining how disturbing it was. Therefore I had to investigate.

I'm not going to explain the whole ad, you'll just have to watch it yourself, it's only 1 minute and 2 seconds long, and it's clear why the ad is disturbing.

I can think of many ways to recreate the advert, and give out the same message without it looking so strange.

MH x

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Musical Games Consoles

Here is an interesting video.

Musician, Julian Corrie creates a piece of music with the use of retro games consoles, which sonds very cool. I'm not too convinced that this whole thing is legit, as it comes accross a little too staged.

However it is shot very well, I am hoping a future documentary style video from Fenixx will look a little like his.

What's your thoughts on the video and track?

  MH x

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

KOKO Presents, Submotion Orchestra

Due to being extremely busy at work, I haven't found the time to post anything new on here. However, I have some time this morning, here is the latest episode of KOKO Presents!

Slightly different genre of episode this time round, due to the band. However, it doesn't matter, the episode is still great.

Hope you enjoy!


MH x

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Innovation of Lonelines

This incredibly stylistic video depicts the horrible ways we are quickly leading to on social networks. The thoughts, and opinions are quite strong, but definitely understandable, and makes you want to instantly rethink how you present yourself online.

And like I said, the style in this video is outstanding, the animation is just amazing, and the sound design.

Enjoy, hope it doesn't scare you too much.

MH x

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Stop-Motion video made with Google Glass

Check out this Stop-Motion video, made entirely with Google Glass. It's amazing, and so clever and surreal. Love it!

Creative ideas like this with Google Glass is great, but I'm still struggling to see the full use for the product.

MH x

Monday, 2 December 2013

Music for the eyes

So I have kicked off a new and casual project for Fenixx. Launching the channel musicfnx to post videos focusing on music.

With this channel comes a playlist of Mixtapes compiled by my good friend Darren Parker. Not sure how popular these will become, but they are good fun so far. The premise behind the idea, is to make these videos popular as a calling card, for people to click through to see our other work :)

Below is the latest one that I published yesterday

MH x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Playstation 1

The good people over at Vsauce have put together a visually pleasing animation about the Playstation 1, which of course was a great console. The animation is filled with interesting facts, which may leave you shocked!

MH x

Monday, 25 November 2013

Reconstructed One Direction comments

We all know One Direction fans are a strange bunch, and make sure they get angry at anyone who disagrees with their views. This video reconstruction from a genuine YouTube comment war between is simply hilarious, such a genius idea.

Of course the man who has mastered this technique, is Adam Buxton.

MH x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

'Wrecking Ball' Scary Version

I have to admit this alternate and messed up version of the disgraceful Miley Cyrus' track 'Wrecking Ball' is actually a large improvement.

But of course, the girl is still an awful person.

MH x

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

KOKO Presents, Splashh

This week's episode of KOKO Presents featured the new and popular band, Splashh. We believe this episode is very strong; great interview, great live footage (from me, wink wink) and fun interaction with the crowd. Clearly the fact it was Halloween definitely helped.

The next episode will be very cool, we were lucky enough to film and interview Submotion Orchestra, so look out for that one.

What do you think of the episode?

MH x

Monday, 18 November 2013

Volvo trucks are now epic!

A good friend (and colleague) of mine posted this advertisement from Volvo on his Facebook over the weekend, and I was left speechless at how good it was.

You just have to watch to see what I am talking!

MH x

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

John Lewis 'The Bear & The Hare' - The Making Of

Last week I gave me honest opinion on the M&S Christmas advert, since then I have watched the fantastic animated Christmas advert from John Lewis (watch here).

Following the release, John Lewis have pieced together a 'making of' for the advert, it gives the viewer a great insight to the creative process, and understanding how things work in production. I was so glad to see the had used traditional frame by frame animation techniques for the advert, and not choose to use computer generated images. Cutout characters on card look so nice when animated.

It looked so good, and you can see by the crew's faces they had a lot of fun creating this video. Watch below, it's definitely worth the 2min 23 seconds.

MH x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The M&S Christmas TV Advert 2013

Yesterday the Christmas Advert from Marks & Spencer was released, and if you are British who watches a handful (and more) television you would know there tends to be a competition to make the best Christmas advert around the festive season.

Now this one from M&S is nice, however I believe there is far too much scenes of the leading lady, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with her kit off prancing around in her underwear.

I have been informed from Lauren, that Rosie has done a lot of underwear modelling for the store, therefore makes sense to show it off. However, I'm still not entirely convinced it was needed for the Christmas ad, perhaps just the one scene. Whats your thoughts on the advertisement?

MH x

Monday, 19 August 2013

My lastest and 10th music video for Fenixx has officially been released today. This time we have been working with the wonderful, Creatures Of Love.

This time I decided on stepping up the decision with equipment, as we were lucky enough to get approval to hire the Sony FS700, which was a dream to use. The slow motion function on the camera is beautiful, every shot was amazing, making for a tough decision making selects for the edit.

I hope you enjoy this video, and share it amongst your friends, and we apologies if you have chosen to watch this on your lunchbreak.

MH x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mia Maestro 'Blue Eyed Sailor'

I stumbled across this video the other week on Vimeo Staff Picks, and instantly fell in love with the concept. The woman covered head-to-toe in body paint matches and blends with the background so well and works perfectly, there are many points where you actually can't see Mia in the video. 

Can you see her?

The video may seem old now for me to share it, however a colleague at work mentioned this technique therefore I had show him, which of course made me decide to share it on my blog.

If you love body art, and the technique of making someone become invisible with the background imagery, then you will love this video from Mia Maestro. I am sure the technique has a name for it...if you know it let me know.

Watch the full video here. And let me know your thoughts.

MH x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

MGMT - 'Life Is A Lie'

Just recently I was having a binge of classic music videos from the past, the list was endless. One of the videos was Battles' 'Ice Cream' from the every-so-awesome directing duo, Canana.

I don't remember the time when the video was released (I was probably yet to start listening to Battles). However, since making music videos and discovering this gem I have always loved it. I just love the shear randomness of the video, how many different elements they managed to squeeze into one video.

I have kind of walked off course for this post...but anyway once I first watch the new video from MGMT 'Life Is A Lie' it instantly reminded me of that video from Battles. There are plenty of random elements giving the idea of randomness, a crying rock, talking dolphin, a old man eating a banana. I think it's fantastic!

I really want to (and I will) make a music video like this some day. Which reminds me, my latest music video for Creatures Of Love will be released end of this month...and it's our best yet!

Watch the MGMT video here.

MH x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ibiza Vacation 2013

One month ago this week me and Lauren went on our first beach holiday together, we chose to go for an all-inclusive package holiday to Ibiza. If you want to see lots of photos and read all about you can with Lauren's blog post.

As you may know I am steering away from writing lengthy posts on here now, and going into just posting video content.

Therefore you can watch my Ibiza video, I tried to document as much as I can on top of being a little arty....I think it partially worked.

What are your thoughts?

MH x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Delooze 'Lost Army' (dir, Anthony Furlong)

I work on the promotion and social media for Radar and when I have the time I try and post videos from Radar on my blog that have really impressed me.

This latest one is from Anthony Furlong, who is a fantastic director. I am surprised at how well polished and professional he has made this video look from a low budget.

Take a look, I hope you are impressed as I am!

MH x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chase & Status impress me with a one-shot.

This music video from Chase & Status grabbed my attention the other week, and then re-jogged my attention once I was posted yesterday on Promo News

Now straight off the song is awful, I'm not a fan of the dance group, but the video is great. I love a good one-shot music video, you must know this I made one myself

The video is shot at a great location, so many nice angles to sweep back and forth to different scenarios  I love how many different scenes are intertwined.

What are your thoughts? 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Robert Delong, KOKO Presents

Woah, neglected my blog yet again...! I will try and get back into this posting video content. This one is our latest episode for KOKO Presents, featuring the new talent from over the pond in America, Robert Delong. The guy makes his music in a interesting way with Wii and Xbox controllers.

Watch the episode to find out more.

Make sure you are subscribed to the YouTube Channel to get the episodes right away!

MH x 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Caroline's Courgette Aubergine + Mozzarella Salad

This week's recipe from Caroline (that I edited) had to be shown with you, I think it looks bloody amazing! All those ingredients look so good, and tasty. It makes me want to have a BBQ this instant and have this as the side salad.

Watch the video, and I bet you will feel the same!

MH x

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Caroline's Creme Caramel

This week's video recipe from Caroline, edited by yours truly ;). Is sweet tooth friendly Gula Melaka Creme Caramel, which looks bloody amazing to me.

Caroline filmed this one at the Tastemade studios in LA, which I'm not afraid of admitting to being very jealous. I would have loved to be filming in there. The studio space looks amazing, the other day they posted some photos on their Google Plus account (look below). It looks brilliant!

Here is the finished video, I think I will try this!

I want to visit :)

MH x 

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Caroline's Char Keow Taw

This week's video from Caroline was filmed on the Mayalasia Kitchen's food truck, which I think turned out really well. And surprisingly a simple edit, I was expecting it a bit tough. The camera operator she had thankfully knew what he was doing ;)

What do you think of the food, I want to try it so bad!!!

MH x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

KOKO Presents: Wolf Alice

Here is today's KOKO Presents episode which features, Wolf Alice. These episodes are coming along nicely, and we are getting ourselves into a real routine. Who knows what this web series could bring to the table for Fenixx, I look forward to finding out.

Have a look through the episode and let me know what you think, anything constructive the better.

MH x

Friday, 12 April 2013

King Lizard 'A Nightmare Livin' The Dream'

Here is our latest music video from Fenixx - King Lizard's 'A Nightmare Livin' The Dream' filmed on the crazy boat Stubnitz.

This shoot was our biggest for Fenixx so far, we had three runners, plus other people with the band helping out, it was really full on. About 12 hours filming (pretty standard for a music video).

Here is the finished video, let me know what you think.

MH x

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Caroline's Ayam Goreng (Malaysian Fried Chicken)

Here is this week's recipe from Caroline, I wish I was there to film this episode, the fried chicken looks bloody glorious.

Don't worry I will be posting other videos, than just Carolines, but I will post these once a week. As I worked on them, so that's worthy of a post...right? :)

What do you think of this recipe, are you going to try it?

MH x

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Getting busier and busier

Apologies for being so quiet on my blog lately, I have taken on more work outside of my full job at th1ng, therefore finding time for this blog is proven difficult...which I of course feel terrible doing.

I am now working with the chef, Caroline Mili Artiss. If you have been following my blog for a while you may remember me working with Caroline in the past, hoever this time the help is more serious. I am helping her out with my expertise on video making and social media, and it is already great fun :)

Here is the latest recipe from her I edited together, it's a great simple fried rice recipe, which I am proud to say is similar to what I tend to knock together without the aid of a recipe....but yes I'm not a chef.

Once I get down to organising my routine more, I will return to posting on this blog, and yes it will continue with only posting video content.

MH x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Not quite a music video...but still nice!

Kurt Vile's new music video is a joy to watch, the simple idea of placing a camera down and to just playing the track to you is great. I love his honesty in explaining he had no money make a fancy music video, a little tongue in cheek, but why not.

Also, the little girl running around is a cute addition. What are your thoughts?

MH x

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Biting Elbows - 'Bad Motherfucker' [NSFW]

I love a good music video that makes such an impact online that it ends up going viral, just like this brilliant video from Bitting Elbows. The video has been live since 18th March and has already smashed through the 1 million views.

The video is a great comical use of point of video camera work, with some hilarious ultra-voilent and daft situations. The video is clearly aimed at boys who had a childhood full of playing first person computer games. Watching this with my colleagues at work we were continuously laughing at all the daft situations.

Watch it through, and let me know what you think.

MH x

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Old Spice's new spokesmen, Mr. Wolfdog

Have you met the new spokesmen for Old Spice, Mr. Wolfdog? The guys have released another new advert for the manly fragrance range, promoting their new 'spokesmen' for the product range.

This advert is again, fun and enjoyable however I don't think this new direction for the product will become as successful as the previous 'spokesmen' - I can't see people relating to this dog, and funding it as funny compared to previous examples.

What are your thoughts?

MH x

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Public Service Broadcasting 'Signal 30'

I have been working for Radar Music Videos since the start of 2013, taking control of their social media. I love this job, as I get to see many great music videos, which of course helps feed inspiration for my own music videos.

I watch all the videos that get commissioned through Radar (since I have started working for them), and of course like anything, one video may impress me more than others. Yesterday I was creating engagement for our latest commission through Radar, Public Service Broadcasting's new video 'Signal 30' directed by Alex Kemp, and the video grabbed my attention straight away.

Instantly the main focus on my attention was the grade to the video, I love the sepia retro tone when it's achieved right, and when it makes sense to use. This video ticks both those boxes, their music consists of old public recordings of media (radio, TV etc..). 

Secondly I loved the concept to the video with the TV screens, all the retro screens showing low quality images, and the location was brilliant. The scenes of the TV's approaching the floor to smash was so gripping, you are left waiting for the next cut to show the end result. 

A great video to watch and enjoy, what are your thoughts?

In case you haven't realised already, my blog is changing slightly. All my posts from now on will try to consist of video content. 

MH x

Monday, 4 March 2013

KOKO Presents: Bleech

Here is the second episode for the new video-podcast I am working on at KOKO, this week features the fantastic three piece, Bleech. This episode is a large jump from our first, as we learnt so much, and got some new aditions, in particularly the presenters cube, which I created!

Watch the episode, and let me know what you think. Definitely give Bleech a listen, they are fantastic  band and sound great live. The two girls can make a lot of noise!

MH x

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Arctic Monkeys, best music video!

Last night Arctic Monkeys won 'Best Music Video' at the NME Awards for their music video for the track 'R U Mine?' - CONGRATULATIONS. 

I think this award is well deserved, the video is a nice piece of work, and compliments the great song, I was a big fan of the song and video when it was first released last year. Of course I am sure there other people out there who would say other videos should have won.
Let me know if you have a video in mind that should have snapped up this award.

MH x

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Kings Of Leon - Charmer (Goat Edition)

AAAAAAAH! You may have seen videos going around YouTube, consisting of goats sounding surprisingly like humans screaming their heads off, which you have to admit are funny.Well now people are posting videos intertwined with popular songs.

I had to jump on the wagon with this, as I find them all hilarious, especially the Bon Jovi 'Living On a Prayer' version.

Here is my Kings Of Leon version, full credit goes to my colleague, Jack for the song suggestion it works really...the rest of the work was down to me of course!

What do you think, any other suggestions welcomed!

MH x

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

David Bowie - The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

This morning David Bowie released a new single and music video from his new album set for release in March. I like this video more than his first comeback release 'Where Are We Now?'.

I enjoy the strange storyline being portrayed with Bowie and Tilda Swinton being a suburban couple, which looks set in the 60s. The camera work is nice, and a good grade giving off a subtle green tint to the video, well polished compared to the previous video, although I did like the projections in that one.

A good video to watch, but beware there is some nudity and strange scenes towards the end.

This is a step back to Bowies roots of strange goings ons.

What's your thoughts?
MH x 

Monday, 25 February 2013

Under Your Bed, behind the scenes

I look so tired!
Last week Fenixx released Kid Champion's latest music video for 'Under Your Bed' which was featured on Promo News! - Now watch the behind the scenes, to see what we got up to on that cold day!
Filmed by JBD Productions.

Pay attention otherwise you might miss my two or three words in the film.

Click here to watch the full music video.
MH x 

Thursday, 21 February 2013

KOKO Presents

I have another release to announce from the Fenixx Factory, this time it's the first episode for a new music web series, KOKO Presents. This new series of videos will be released on KOKO's YouTube Channel and the videos will and have been filmed at KOKO Camden on a Friday night, for Club NME. These are short video bursts to showcase a key act from the night (at the moment the headliners).

The logo I designed
Here is episode 1, 'KOKO Presents: Sons and Lovers'. Please please, give me some feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts. We have filmed episode 2 already and that will be released next week. I of course will post it up on my blog.

MH x 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Fenixx starting to make waves...

Yesterday I announced on here the official release of Kid Champions new music video, made by me and Matthew Connell under Fenixx (as usual) for their new track 'Under Your Bed' off their new EP. The official release for the video was executed so well over Facebook, everyone was sharing the post within minutes from the Fenixx Facebook page, giving us lots of positive feedback. Including people at work, as I of course shared it amongst all my colleagues.

Then in the evening the video was posted on Promo News! Now, this is HUGE for me and Connell as Fenixx. We have been wanting this moment for so long now, and to have it finally happen it's almost unbelievable. However, trying to not sound too arrogant, this post on Promo News is well deserved. We have both work very hard over these last few years developing our talents as music video makers. 

I was so happy to see this!

We are of course very grateful this has happened, and we are both extremely excited to what this will bring for the future of Fenixx. It's amazing how far we have come together since meeting on the first day of college at South Downs, and making a video together 2 weeks later for our first piece of coursework.

I am very excited to find out how 2013 will continue, and how my career in the media will develop. 

MH x 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Kid Champion - 'Under Your Bed'

Today is the official release of Kid Champion's new music promo for their first single 'Under Your Bed' off their new EP, filmed on location at Twickenham Studios.

The music promo is a one-shot video with 18 different speed changes, this was Fenixx's most challenging and technical video so far, we are proud that we pulled it off, and can't wait to hear all the feedback.

Therefore, can you please share this around to EVERYONE. We want to hear everyones thoughts!

MH x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tuesday Tunes: The Strypes

This week BBC 6 Music are hosting '6 Music Live at Maida Vale' to present live sessions from established and emerging talent in the music scene.

I listened to some of the sessions on Sunday, and the one that caught my ears was from The Strypes. I had never heard of this new band until then, and I was very impressed. The average age of the band is 15, and hearing them you would think they have been going for at least 5 years and on their 3rd album.

Look how young they look!
I'll admit their sound isn't completely original, they distinctly have the feel of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. But this doesn't matter after knowing how fresh they are into the music industry at such a young age and of course still in education at school, it is very impressive how strong these boys talents are.

I am sure they are going to explode this year, look out for them. Listen to their session again, here!

Another session I loved was a collaboration from Roots Manuva and The Invisible. Both aposing genres fused together was fantastic, I always love the vocals from lead singer, Dave Okumu. It works so well behind the tones of The Invisible. I will have to listen to the session again! Which you can do here!

Another session I need to catch up and listen again to is from Everything Everything, their latest album 'Arc' is just so good. The band is so unique!

Have you been listening to Maida Vale sessions, what have your thoughts been so far?

MH x

Monday, 11 February 2013

2 Amazing Years

This weekend was a special one for me and Lauren, on the 8th it was our 2 year anniversary :) - Of course we had to celebrate this special occasion. Last year we went to New York, and had an amazing time in that city. This year we have planned for a week holiday in May, therefore decided to stay here for this years celebration.

We had a night out in the Comedy Store in Leicester Square. I have been there a few times, but never attended with Lauren, and this was her first time. We both had a great night there, every comedian was hilarious, having the whole place in hysterical laughter. And with the place being relatively small, the atmosphere stays consistant with laughter throughout the show, there are only rare moments of silence. After the show we finished with a drink in a local pub before getting the tube home.

We had a great view for the evening!
Back at my flat we exchanged our presents, which Lauren had got me Toro Y Moi's new album on vinyl - I wasn't expecting this as a present, and I love it. Cannot wait to hear it on my record player, once I got my set of speakers on Monday.

I love the vinyl is lilac!

For Lauren I got her pair of high-waisted skinny jeans from Topshop, which she instantly loved...good choice from me ;)

It was a perfect night spent together, and here is to the next 2 years together :)

MH x

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tuesdays Tech: App review, Vine

Last week I downloaded the new social networking app, Vine. This app lets you share moments in your life with short looping videos. At first, I believed this sounded a little too similar to the app, Cinemagram. Simply turning stop-motion gifs into nice loopings videos.

However, with Vine the video element is key to making the app better, far more interesting and fun! You get to keep the sound in the videos, and it makes the experience highly amusing. Effectively giving you a short glimpse into peoples lives within your phone.

Going deeper into the filming the short looping videos, you can pause at any moment in the recordings, therefore making edits in the video to make short narratives.

I am thoroughly looking forward to see people producing snappy short films in the app, or perhaps small sketches.....or what how about a short comedy or drama series within the app. The possibilities are endless, and quite exciting.

So far, I am seeing a lot of cats and dogs larking around, just like my profile. However, once people get the hang of how the app works. I believe things are going to become real creative.

Have you got the app?

More tech.

MH x

Monday, 4 February 2013

Another busy weekend

This weekend we shot the next music promo for Kid Champion, the last video we shot can be found here, which was a lot of fun, with a great location, and turned out really well.

Although, this next one is going to be even more amazing! Again, we had an awesome location, this time at Twickenham Film Studios. The video has been our most challenging work, not only for ourselves to shoot but also for the band to get right, and perfect.

The location looked like a warehouse, epic! 

I wont go into too much detail, as I want it to be a surprised with the technique we have achieved. Believe me, it is going to be great!

Sunday was spent having a well deserved chill out day over at Laurens house. We took her dog, Barney for a walk around her local area. I tested out the new app, Vine and took some short videos with him. I love the app, and I will hopefully review it tomorrow or Thursday.

We ended the day cooking up our own homemade Nandos, and chilled in front the TV with some sweets to watch the next Harry Potter film. However, due to my busy day of filming the day before, I was very tired and couldn't stay awake. We will watch that again another time.

How was your weekend, was it busy and tiring like mine?

MH x

Friday, 1 February 2013

Film Review Friday: Django Unchained [2013]

As everyone knew since the release and trailers for Django the film tells the story of German bounty hunter, Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) who frees the slave, Django (Jamie Foxx) and sets out to rescue Django's wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owned by Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).

The storyline is clear and simple to follow, which does not come as a shock due to the previous Tarantino films. Of course his nonlinear narratives attempt to make his films challenging. However, this film is different (and I personally believe it's his first?) as being set out in a straight forward linear fashion.

From other blog posts and review I knew the script contained the society offensive "N"word, and straight after the opening credits, this word is dropped several times. At first this feels uncomfortable, however during the course of the film, the word is continuously used, effectively reducing the meaning of the word and reducing the offensiveness and uncomfortableness, and most surprisingly becoming punch lines to the many jokes in the film.

For me Leonardo stole the show, and really brought everything together giving the film it's western feel, and the funny history lesson. I believe this could be Leonardos performance of his career. The accent he puts on is brilliant, you definitely believe his southern voice, and that he owns the Mississippi plantation. He truly is evil, but you can't help but love the character, due him being so interesting, with the clothes and wanting to dive deeper into his life story.

Like previous films, Tarrantino appears in a small cameo, which unfortunately is dreadful. The writer/director simply can't act, and stands out in the film far too much. Taking you out of the film momentarily. Thankfully his scene with Jamie Foxx is okay to watch.

Next time Quentin, can you please just have background cameos, and keep your mouth shut.

Django is a fun packed western, full of comical scenes which will keep you highly entertained, leaving the cinema with you wanting to see the film again. However, I still can't decided if this will go down as one of Quentin's classics against Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs.

I would love to know your thoughts if you have seen it.

MH x

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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I was loving the sudden outburst of snow England received at the start of this year, I always feel it makes everything look so nice and peaceful. You can read about it more in this blog post.

Whilst it snowed I had to capture the moment on camera, and here is a quick I made of the experience. I hope you enjoy!

MH x

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tuesday Tunes: Start to a record collection

For a few years now I had the idea to start a record collection, and now that idea has become a reality thanks to Lauren kindly buying my first one as a Christmas present last year.

I am looking forward to see how this record collection progresses and already I am a slightly addicted. I love looking over eBay to see what is out there available. Looking at my list it does look a little small at the moment, due to my finances. But hey...these things take time, there is no rush.

This is what Lauren got me, a personal favourite of ours!

Can't wait to play this one with I get the speakers
Of course I do play these records, with my lovely wooden Rottel record player, which again was a purchase from eBay. However, I am currently on the look out for speakers  which again is taking time due to finances.

Do you have a record collection, or do you have plans to start one?

MH x