Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ibiza Vacation 2013

One month ago this week me and Lauren went on our first beach holiday together, we chose to go for an all-inclusive package holiday to Ibiza. If you want to see lots of photos and read all about you can with Lauren's blog post.

As you may know I am steering away from writing lengthy posts on here now, and going into just posting video content.

Therefore you can watch my Ibiza video, I tried to document as much as I can on top of being a little arty....I think it partially worked.

What are your thoughts?

MH x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Delooze 'Lost Army' (dir, Anthony Furlong)

I work on the promotion and social media for Radar and when I have the time I try and post videos from Radar on my blog that have really impressed me.

This latest one is from Anthony Furlong, who is a fantastic director. I am surprised at how well polished and professional he has made this video look from a low budget.

Take a look, I hope you are impressed as I am!

MH x

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chase & Status impress me with a one-shot.

This music video from Chase & Status grabbed my attention the other week, and then re-jogged my attention once I was posted yesterday on Promo News

Now straight off the song is awful, I'm not a fan of the dance group, but the video is great. I love a good one-shot music video, you must know this I made one myself

The video is shot at a great location, so many nice angles to sweep back and forth to different scenarios  I love how many different scenes are intertwined.

What are your thoughts? 

Monday, 10 June 2013

Robert Delong, KOKO Presents

Woah, neglected my blog yet again...! I will try and get back into this posting video content. This one is our latest episode for KOKO Presents, featuring the new talent from over the pond in America, Robert Delong. The guy makes his music in a interesting way with Wii and Xbox controllers.

Watch the episode to find out more.

Make sure you are subscribed to the YouTube Channel to get the episodes right away!

MH x