Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street Trailer

Last night me and Lauren went to see Anchorman 2, which we both thought was surpirsingly good. Basically a good film to have in the DVD collection.

Before the film, there was of course a selection of this years film trailers, and Martin Scorsese's 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' trailer was shown. I've seen a few posters for this film, and done some research. I am already looking forward to this film, purely because it's directed by Martin Scorsese and I like DiCaprio's latest work. And of course the story sounds great, I love representation of a dont care world for money, I love all the tacky glitz and glamour for it all, and I love the look of the 80s on film.

Anyway....the point is I am looking forward to it, and the trailer made me level of excitement foe it go, sky high. This trailer has been put together so well, I love the editing, I love the visuals they have chosen, and even though it's Kanye West I love the track they have chosen. It works surprisingly well.

I had to watch it again today, seriously it's that good. I never thought I would love a trailer so much.

Here it is, what are your thoughts?


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