During school I would never call myself a sporty kid, the Playstation and Computer was the clear choice after a hard day of learning....but I did enjoy cycling. I remember one sports day where all the events had to be filled, and every class member had to enter an event. So I reluctantly accepted the 1500 metres. I have no idea what my time was, but all I remember it being a living hell.

Fast forward 10 years plus, I would now call myself an amateur runner.

I started to take things more seriously in 2016, after discovering Park Run and then joining 26.2 Road Runners Club in 2017. My strength and technique is continuously improving, and I definitely have the bug to go out and run all the time.

I made this blog to share the journey. Hope you enjoy.

My current PBs
1M: 6:07 (2017)
5K: 21.00  (2017)
10K: 45:31 (2017)
10M: 1:24:58  (2017)
HM: 1:49:06  (2017)
Marathon: TBC